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Apple Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Everything You Need To Know

| October 6th, 2023 | 2097 Views

Apple Search Engine Optimization

Even though Apple is often considered a technology company, there may be other areas where the corporation shines.

According to reports, the business is creating a new search engine to compete with Google and Bing. Thus, understanding Apple SEO is something that all marketers should do. So whether you’re just getting started or looking for methods to advance your Apple SEO efforts, go through the blog.

If this information proves to be accurate, Apple would make a significant decision that would have a significant impact on corporations and businesses all over the world.

You might choose to hire expert SEO services as a business owner to appear higher in Apple’s search results. While choosing an SEO company, you must be aware of frequent SEO scams.

What is Apple SEO?


Apple SEO is the science and art of optimizing websites to rank highly in Apple’s search engine. A fresh arms race in Apple SEO would start if a new Apple search engine was released.

The SEO industry has long been predominately Google-focused. This is a result of the search engine’s ongoing dominance in search. SEO tactics have historically been based on how Google’s algorithms have rated pages. The use of SEO has changed as a result of modifications to Google’s algorithms.

mobile device market

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

Therefore, the SEO business could undergo substantial changes as a result of the introduction of a search engine that could affect Google’s market share. When so many other search engines have already been released on the market, why is Apple’s search engine such a huge deal? Apple’s search engine might have a big influence because of Apple’s hegemony in the mobile device market.

On all platforms, Google has long been the Apple Safari browser’s default search engine. Recent industry rumors, however, indicate that Apple may be stepping up its search efforts to create a search engine that can rival Google, the market leader. What does this news signify for SEOs and Webmasters around the world considering that Apple devices are among the most well-known and popular electronics in the world?

This is what we currently know:

Google and Safari browser

Google paid Apple significant sums of money (billions of dollars) to continue being the Safari browser’s default search engine. Apple has a stranglehold on searches both Siri and Safari because their products are among the most well-known in the world, which directs users to Google. As a result, Google was able to control one of the key channels via which they might rule the search engine market in terms of both the industry’s reach and the potential number of advertising clicks.

Apple will find it challenging to split from Google. Apple has plenty of experience creating technology, though. With the aim of unifying all hardware (Mac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad) under the same programming and development environment, Apple just revealed that it is giving up on Intel CPUs. Where there is a will (and nearly $200 billion in the bank), there is a way. Before Apple can develop even a somewhat useful search engine, a considerable period will have passed. Take into account the challenge of finding talent capable of creating a workable replacement.

What Do We Know About Apple Search?

Know About Apple Search

  1. The long-running rivalry between Google and Apple and the lack of competition in the search business have led to rumors that the Cupertino-based company would eventually put its toes in the water.
  2. The way Alphabet reports its results makes it difficult to estimate the worth of Google Search, but we do know that search accounts for the majority of its ad income, which reached $210 billion in 2021.
  3. If the reports are accurate, Apple has decided that it wants a share of the search market. However, why now? The business may assume that the iOS and Safari install bases have attained a critical mass that will enable it to support a real challenge to Google’s hegemony.
  4. For many years, Apple has benefited from a contract that guarantees Google’s place as the default Safari search engine and might be valued at up to $20 billion annually. According to documents submitted as part of a recent class action lawsuit, the conditions of this agreement also preclude Apple from introducing a stand-alone search tool.
  5. However, the billion-strong Safari user base would offer a strong basis on which to build if Apple were to break off its relationship with Google and introduce an alternative. And even without the possibility of additional antitrust laws, the business might be forced into this path.
  6. It’s wrong to believe that having a wide audience ensures success. Microsoft, for instance, is in charge of the biggest operating system in the world, but it hasn’t made much progress in browsers or search. Apple would have to be confident that increases in advertising revenue will make up for the lost billions of dollars to unilaterally end its contract with Google.
  7. The speculated service might look nothing like a conventional search engine at all. The fact that Siri may be the main gainer may indicate that the new product is intended to complement the answers provided by the digital assistant (powered by Google) rather than to handle all queries like a typical search engine.
  8. There is a lot more information supporting the rumored change. According to reports, Apple has intensified its efforts to find and hire candidates for jobs in the search industry. Spotlight searches use “Siri Suggestions,” which point users to the website, to fully circumvent Google.

The following has been added to the Applebot help page most recently:

Applebot Help Page Guidelines

  • How to confirm the addition of Applebot traffic?
  • There have been more specifics added to the Applebot user agent, such as the distinctions between the desktop and mobile versions.
  • Expanded Robots.txt regulations are now available.
  • Added a paragraph explaining that they render pages similarly to Google in addition to merely crawling HTML.
  • There is now a section on search rankings and the variables that affect how web search results are ranked.
  • Applebot is now crawling more websites.

Apple Search Engine’s Functionality

Apple Search

Apple is a business that places a high priority on building an ecosystem that links all of its products together. This might be seen as giving its users a better experience. By utilizing information from the user’s products, Apple would have complete control over offering customers a more “tailored” search experience through its search engine. Additionally, it is a terrific method for a tech business like Apple to have a significant space to broadcast its content, apps, news, and other materials without having to rely on a third party like Google.

Additionally, they will be able to use this channel as a marketing or advertising tool for webmasters, SEOs, and even app developers. At the moment, Google has a tight hold on most searchers. Apple’s probable action could threaten Google’s monopoly due to the widespread use of Apple products among mobile and tablet users.

Why the Development of a Search Engine by Apple is a Real Possibility

Apple Safari

Source: Apple Safari

The possibility of Apple developing a search engine to compete with Alphabet, Inc., and Microsoft (Bing) has generated a lot of rumors (Google). Recent actions by Apple demonstrate that this is now more than just a rumor and that it is a possibility. Here are some reasons why Apple will probably soon release a search engine.

1. Apple is seeking engineers for the search:

One of the clearest indications that the tech giant is developing a search engine is certainly this. The organization has advertised several positions for search engineers with a focus on machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. These are all essential components for creating an effective search engine.

2. Apple released iOS 14:

With the release of iOS 14, a new search tool was added to iOS. It’s unclear if Apple still uses Bing in addition to Google for searches, but it’s obvious that Google has been disregarded as a result of modifications to Spotlight Search. Users may essentially find files or apps with the use of Spotlight Search. Additionally, it might provide them with web search results, possibly even Google search results.

3. Apple published new guidance on Applebot: 

The updates give details on recent adjustments made to Apple’s web crawler. The support page for Applebot has undergone the following changes:

  • Apple clarified how to verify traffic from the Applebot.
  • Rules in Robtos.txt were increased
  • The user agent was given more information.
  • This also takes into account variations between the desktop and mobile versions.
  • There is now a section explaining that in addition to crawling HTML, Applebot also creates pages that resemble Google.

4. Applebot is actively crawling sites:

The increased activity of Applebot over the past few months is another aspect that has fueled rumors about the debut of a search engine by Apple. The activity of the site crawler has increased, according to web-tracking tools. More regularly, the web crawler has been visiting websites.

What Would the Apple Search Engine Look Like?

Apple Search Engine Look Like

There is a significant probability that Apple won’t develop a search engine that is comparable to those already on the market, even though much of the buzz surrounding it is still theoretical.

The business has a lengthy history of acting in unusual ways. It’s improbable that they’ll introduce a search engine that competes with Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing.

What to anticipate can be inferred from the fact that Apple seems to be focusing its efforts on Siri and Spotlight Search. This suggests that they will later use their understanding of these goods to help create a new feature. A highly tailored experience is likely to be advantageous for Apple search engine users.

The Bottom Line

Check to see if the frequency has changed when you make modifications to the website’s content. This might shed some light on adjustments that might be useful if Apple started a search engine.

All of these are based on speculations and observations since Apple has not confirmed this report. The industry titan in technology might confirm it or they might not even release a search engine. However, if they do develop their search engine, significant changes will occur in the SEO sector since efforts won’t be focused primarily on Google rankings. How do you feel about Apple creating its search engine? Comment below and let us know!


Q. What is Apple SEO?

The practice and art of optimizing websites for top search results in Apple’s search engine are known as Apple SEO. Additionally, I think the introduction of a new Apple search engine would spark a new Apple SEO arms race in the search engine optimization sector. For a very long time, Google was the primary focus of the SEO industry. Due to Apple’s dominance in the mobile device market, its search engine might have a big impact.

Q. How does the Apple search function?

Ans. Apple Search Ads is an acquisition channel that links advertisers with relevant target audiences. Marketers can share their software with consumers who have demonstrated interest in particular terms by bidding to appear when a user types in a specific keyword in the App Store.

Q. Does Apple use search engine Optimisation?

Ans. Yes, Apple uses search engine Optimisation (SEO). The practice and art of optimizing websites for top search results in Apple’s search engine are known as Apple SEO. The default search engine on Apple devices is Google, which pays Apple about $15 billion annually for the privilege. If Apple creates its search engine, it might be able to negotiate better terms with Google regularly.

Q. What is the best search engine for Apple products?

Ans. With Apple products, Google is the best search engine to use. DuckDuckGo is another choice if data privacy is an issue for you. Apple is reportedly working on its own search engine as well, but it will take some time for it to catch up to the advancements Google has achieved over the years.

Q. How Will Apple Benefit By Launching A Search Engine?

Ans. The launch of the Apple search engine will assist Apple in the following four ways:

  • Will Gain independence from other search engines.
  • Improve the user experience for iDevice users.
  • Establish a new source of revenue.
  • The search monopoly held by Google will be broken.

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