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Benefits of PHP Laravel Framework in Web World

| January 30th, 2017 | 2403 Views

In today’s technical era each and every day is different and we have new technologies which is there with new coding technique, new architecture, much more advanced and in this blog I am going to discuss such kind of Framework which is in high demand due to its benefits/advantages over other frameworks.

The Framework which I am going to discuss in this Blog is Laravel which is a PHP Framework and mostly high-quality Web applications use this Framework because of its Modular Programming and stress-free coding.

Benefits of PHP Laravel:

  1. High end security with authentication and authorization code:

Laravel helps to provide authentication and authorization in quite simpler way and it also helps to prevent an authorized users to access the paid resources.

  1. Email Notification to users:

Laravel provides simple API integration technique with the help of which the web application can send email notifications to even the new users for successful registration.

  1. Web Application runs faster:

Multiple cache configuration integration is easily done on Laravel which helps the web application to run faster than other core platforms. It helps in accelerating the performance of the applications created thoroughly.

  1. Secured End Results in the form of Web application:

There are many security risks such as SQL injection, Cross site request issues and scripting, etc. and Laravel helps to secure from all kind of risks as the code of this framework is highly secured itself.

  1. Proper error Handling configuration:

This benefit of Laravel helps a lot for customer retention as every customer wants a swift registration process and if the user is doing mistakes while registration then he/she wants to get notified correctly and Laravel is quite capable to handle all error with its Monolog logging library which provides support to different powerful log handlers.

  1. Easier Testing:

Laravel provides automation testing which is less time consuming and better than manual testing. It helps to test the application bugs in lesser time and easily handle the situation.

  1. Simple method of URL routing:

All URL routes are defined and is automatically loaded by the Laravel framework with the help of which users can see the desire URL such as content, product page, product description page, contact us page, etc. easily.

  1. Parallel development with the help of MVC Framework:

Laravel helps to bifurcate all programming code of the web application at the early stage and this result in parallel development of the application with the help of UI designers and the core developers.

  1. Easier communication throughout web application:

Laravel allows use of message queue system at the start of project development which drastically speeds up the web request to the web application.

Technically, not all frameworks are able to solve each of the above described troubles uniformly well. The best web frameworks such as Laravel help developers to do it and this means that Laravel based development will make software delivery timely and cost-effective.

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