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Effective use of Subject Line & Follow ups in Email Marketing

| March 9th, 2021 | 2539 Views


What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process which the organizations use to spread the desired information related to their products and services to the target customers. With help of email marketing message can be sent to a large group of people within a very short span of time. Various companies use this medium to promote their goods and services, to provide special discounts and offers, information about current campaigns, for obtaining feedback and for providing customer service. It is a cost-saving medium by which the message can be easily conveyed to the target customers.

Criticality of Subject in Email Marketing

The main thing that is visible to any person first is the subject line of the email. So it is essential that the subject of the email should create an interest in the minds of readers and they will open the mail. Normally our inbox is just overloaded with all sorts of messages and we hardly pay equal attention to all of them. So it is very important that subject should be very clear, precise, offers a value and should create enthusiasm among the readers so that they find a need to open it. If the subject line is great then it can make a huge difference in spreading the message to people like to read interesting content, which is appealing as well.

The significance of Proper Follow-Ups in Email Marketing

A proper follow up is like an icing on the cake. It can help in implementing the email marketing strategy in a very effective way. It brings the organization much closer to their customers. With the help of follow-ups an organization can thank the customers for using the product and services that it offers, valuable feedback can be obtained and they can be assisted for any queries that they have in mind. So an email marketing campaign is incomplete without follow-ups and once the company has sold a product or service it is essential to provide all the necessary details like first of all thanking the customer, giving all the tracking details with estimated delivery date, asking for the valuable suggestions that they can give to improve the services, the ratings that they would like to give and any doubts which they want to be clear.


When a company is opting for email marketing then it needs to take care of certain other things as well such as the message should be directed to the target audience, timing should be correct, it should have a personal touch, it should tell what the company wants to offer and content should be crisp and  great in value. But without appropriate subject and follow-ups, an email marketing campaign is always incomplete.