facebook Can Virtual Reality (VR) Live Up To The Hype?
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Can Virtual Reality (VR) Live Up To The Hype?

| December 11th, 2018 | 2072 Views

With the rapid emergence of technological innovations, there has been an upsurge in the demand for the latest tech tools. Look around and you will find numerous individuals wishing to make the most out of their gadgets and tech devices. Whether it is for making a video call or enjoying enthralling sessions of quality gaming, individuals are always in search of the optimum experience.

Now, there is a very crucial aspect worth considering in this regard. It is not the gadgets, but their inherent technology that offers an out-of-this-world experience to users. And the latest addition to those path-breaking technologies is VR or Virtual Reality.

While we deal with the crucial features and future of this technology in the latter half of this article, let us begin with a definition of Virtual Reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

As the name suggests, Virtual Reality is a unique perception of the real incidents and occurrences around you. To present its meaning in technical terms, virtual reality refers to a 3-dimensional, computer-produced environment that offers scope for interaction and access to users. Those using or operating VR tools will have the opportunity of immersing their senses in a make-believe world. Quite inevitably, they become a part of that virtual environment and can perform several actions or manipulate objects.

Going by the present trends, Virtual Reality can be experienced and implemented through omnidirectional treadmills, special gloves and headsets. These equipment play the perfect part in stimulating your senses and creating an exceptional illusion of near-reality.

The Prediction

With such incredible features, the concept of Virtual Reality is rapidly gaining grounds amongst tech-savvy and general users alike. Especially, with the arrival of 2016, the VR concept is expected to take a giant leap towards unsurpassed growth and development. And with tech biggies such as Microsoft and Sony launching their immersive reality devices, the future for VR seems to be bright enough.

Evidence Heralding VR Growth

With this discussion, let us have a sneak peek into the reality of Virtual Reality. Quite a few decades ago, the advent of Smartphones and mobile devices completely transformed the manner of communication. As the desired effect, there was a massive change in the lives of every individual. The situation is somewhat similar to Virtual Reality. With Oculus proclaiming itself as the flag-bearer of this concept, tech biggies are increasingly adopting it.

1. Additionally, quite a few incidents in the tech world have fueled the growth of this concept even further. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg paid a whopping $2 billion for the acquisition of Oculus. After this acquisition, the company moved towards releasing the first-ever Oculus app. By offering a 360-degree video environment, this particular application offers the chance to enjoy movies or gaming sessions through the Samsung Gear VR.

2. Apart from this device, the year 2016 will also witness the advent of other gadgets. HTC Vive and HoloLens will utilize cameras capable of tracking the motion and movement of objects in gaming environments. And that will inevitably prove to be a great experience for quality gamers.

Concluding Note

With both enterprises and general consumers warming up to this concept, Virtual Reality is inevitably heading towards a brilliant future. However, its success will depend on its capacity to overcome the major challenges. Gadget makers will have to take additional care while designing the VR headsets for a more comfortable experience for users. And it will be not long before VR captures and wins the heart of every individual!

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