facebook Why Is CRO The New Buzz Word In Digital Marketing Arena?
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Why Is CRO The New Buzz Word In Digital Marketing Arena?

| August 17th, 2022 | 2244 Views

CRO or conversion rate optimization is one of the mentionable names these days in Digital Marketing work. Conversion rate optimization happens to be the practice of enhancing leads and sales for a website. Optimization of your web conversion rate is a more direct way of influencing target customers. You will have the opportunity of enhancing your business sales without additional investments on website designing and landing pages. EZ Rankings takes pride to be the first company from India to offer an effective CRO package at an affordable cost.


For quite a long time, there was a prolonged confusion between CRO and SEO. Conversion rate optimization or CRO exclusively refers to the conversion rates of a particular website. On the other end, SEO or Search Engine Optimization focuses on driving traffic to your website, thus attracting potential customers and enhancing sales.

Knowing the Website-Conversion Elements

To be more precise, CRO is the art of improving your website’s effectiveness. By scientifically changing or modifying numerous elements in your websites, CRO experts aim at increasing your cumulative revenue. Quite inevitably, this particular practice reduces cost-per-acquisitions and enhances your business ROIs. The prime elements involved in this optimization process are landing pages, images, web pages as well as website content.

Your specific understanding and concept of conversion will be critical to the success of your CRO strategies. And as a passionate entrepreneur, you should develop a pristine clear understanding of this aspect.

Benefits of CRO

With this, we arrive at the million-dollar question. So, why is CRO the new buzzword in the virtual world? And how do simple conversions lead to the skyrocketing success of online stores? A brief overview of the benefits of CRO will help you find an answer.

Offers Better Understanding of Customers

Understanding the specific requirements of their respective clientele pool happens to be the prime duties of online retailers. If you are one of them, you will inevitably wish to cater to your customers’ needs. And it is here that CRO renders the most useful assistance. You develop an idea of their choices and can design your services and products accordingly.

Ensures Great User Experience

Online stores need to ensure a great User Experience. By continually optimizing your website elements, CRO ensures an unsurpassed shopping experience for users. As the desired result, you receive more customers and increased traffic.

Effective and Targeted

Unlike its other digital marketing counterparts, CRO serves as the secret weapon for optimizing your website. With Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, your competitors will have a profound idea of your store rankings. But, that is not the case with CRO.

Reduces Client Acquisition Costs

Conversion rate optimization will effectively cut down your costs of acquiring customers. Optimizing your website conversion rates will automatically improve traffic from numerous other marketing campaigns.

Website optimization is of paramount importance for every online entrepreneur. And with such incredible benefits of CRO, it won’t be unjust to call it the new-age digital marketing strategies.

So many of our clients are enjoying benefits from CRO packages. In case you are interested, contact us today to know more!

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