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Facebook V/S Google: Finding The Winner

| October 30th, 2020 | 1602 Views

The social media platforms are enjoying unsurpassed popularity in the digital arena for quite some time now. And there are numerous reasons behind it. These social media platforms are currently in the run for gathering huge revenues from digital advertisements. Whether it is Google, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook; every single social media platform is trying hard to grab a huge share of dollars from digital ads. The current players on the virtual platform are Facebook and Google. With their respective efforts of recreating and replicating Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” magic for themselves, there is a chance of a heated tiff between these two social media biggies.

Facebook Taking Giant Strides

Two of the biggest competitors in this context are Facebook and Google. With the massive popularity of video advertising, social media platforms are trying hard to tap into this area. According to recent market reports, users can enjoy watching almost 100 million hours of streaming video in a single day on Facebook. Quite inevitably, most of the brands will plan their digital marketing strategies accordingly and create full-page mobile advertisements.

Facebook has already joined the digital ad bandwagon with Sports Stadium. It is essentially a hub that presents full scores, videos and updates from sports events. By having a look at the number of views for a specific video, it will be easier for Facebook to put up a strong fight against its rivals.

Where Does Google Stand?

With real-time ad formats, Google is no longer on the sidelines. It is warming up to this video advertising. Although the YouTube platform has ensured massive revenues for Google since its first inception, Facebook is readily making some headway in this context. So, who do you think is the winner of this digital ad revenue battle? Is there a clear winner or it is a matter of shared victory. Please share your comments with us on this topic.