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How To Create Effective PPC Landing Page

| January 3rd, 2020 | 2132 Views

When creating a PPC Landing Page, certain factors must be borne in mind to get excellent results. It is imperative to know that it is one of the aspects of development that many businesses grapple with and look for a sure shot way to get it right for the business.

Align your Offer, Headline, and CTA

It is critical to align offer, headline, and call to action with one other. In case of any of the elements lacking can result in losing conversions which are very important for any business and create a lot of confusion among prospective buyers. When creating a landing page, it is essential to follow certain principles to keep things right on track. It is very similar to writing an advertisement.

  • Focus on the user
  • Discuss Outcomes
  • Lay stress on returns users will get for taking action
  • Clarity in copy

Enlist the help of a professional copywriter and ensure that the language is persuasive and compelling. An experienced writer can help to create a perfect copy. He will ensure that the copy is written from a prospective customer point of view. Refrain from “insider speak” as it will not go well with the potential buyers.

Product Must be Shown In Action

It has been seen that products or services that are shown in action have a very compelling impact on potential customers resulting in an increased conversion rate.

With many of our clients, we’ve found that showing their product or service “in motion” can a have a tremendously positive impact on conversions. Videos are the best way to show a service or product in action which explains every detail including features and functionality better than text. Again, before adding a video to your page, ensure that it is relevant to the objective of your landing page.

Carry out trust test signals

Many times, potential buyers are unable to decide and hover between a “yes” or “no.” Such undecided prospective buyers can be helped with their decision with trust signals in the form of video testimonials, written testimonials, and trust seals. It is not necessary to use all of them. Using just one or two suitable ones can also help to do the job. Trust signals especially help businesses that are relatively new or are a bit shaky.

Make the most of Thank You Page

Many times, we forget to use these two simple words which can help in meeting the objective of a landing page. It is not only a polite and courteous thing to do, but it is also a tool which can be leveraged in such a way to ensure best results. Instead of having just a simple thank you pop up the box, do something different and unique. You can create a thank you page which is definitely going to add more value. You can also use this page to place some of the resources or links that you have always wanted to add on the landing page but had to refrain doing so to keep it clean. Keep your conversion rate escalating and enjoy excellent sales velocity.

Keep Looking for New Possibilities

There may be some pushback to your suggestions when creating new landing pages or revising the existing ones. It is because of the time and effort that goes into putting landing pages together and the mere thought of redoing it send jitters among everyone. If going for a full revamp seems to be impossible, it is recommended to incorporate critical changes. This way, the results received will give an idea about whether there is any need for further revisions.

When creating a PPC landing page, it is recommended to keep these factors in mind and keep testing them periodically to see if they work well with your PPC accounts. Some factors may work well while some may not be as effective or impactful as it seems. Look for the best ideas and create a perfect PPC Landing page. Also, you can take help from Best PPC Advertising Company who will provide the right guidelines.

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