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How to Build an Effective Landing Page

| February 25th, 2019 | 2108 Views

Every web page has a reason for its creation. And landing pages are no exception. The prime objective of the creation of a landing page is conversion. Online entrepreneurs will inevitably wish to drive sales in their business venture, and their website’s landing page will play the key role in making that happen.

If you identify yourself in that league of passionate website owners, you will also strive hard towards creating an attractive landing page. Breeze through the article, as it explains some of the most effective steps for creating a landing page.

We need to understand the objective of a Landing page and what are your landing pages for? Your landing page provides readers with the crucial information they require, thus helping them arrive at a decision.

In simple words, a landing page establishes your Call-to-Action amongst potential consumers. Some of the key elements involved in the creation of landing pages are:


Your headline is one of the most crucial segments of your landing page. While creating it, include page headlines and sub-heading. The former aspect defines the primary purpose, and the latter provides associated information.

Let’s turn to an interesting fact here.

According to digital marketing wizards, eye-catching headlines account for almost 90% of the advertising funds. Perhaps you don’t require any other information after this.

Videos and Images

Visual media has always managed to leave indelible impressions on an individual’s mind. Adding professional photographs of your product to your landing page will inevitably attract numerous customers.

Call to Action

If you wish to know what’s important for your landing page, then this is it. Call-to-Action buttons generate huge interest amongst potential visitors and push them towards making instant decisions. Phrases like buy, join, download, click and others drive visitors taking purchase decisions, thus converting them into potential leads.

While designing your landing page, make sure the CTA button is clearly visible, and your visitors are not struggling to find it.

Price Benefits and Offers

Consumers love direct marketing approaches. They might know the advantages of a particular product, but simply unaware of what that product can do for them. It is here that you need to take up from.

Offer a comprehensive list of benefits about the product, and steer clear of making unrealistic promises. That will make your landing page even more attractive for your visitors.

Build Social Trust And Presence

Building a trustworthy landing page might just prove to be critical to your firm’s success. Include reviews, ratings, press statements, as well as accurate sales figures. Be precise and try to ignore rounded off numbers. That will build your website’s credibility alongside speaking about your integrity.

The Anatomy of Navigation

Focus on your ‘focus’ first. All you wish to do is drive your visitors towards making purchase decisions, and not lead them to any other web page. Include easy links with the simple and short menu system that does not distract visitors.

Follow these steps and get started on the project. Remember to test, verify, and optimize the performance of your landing page, before launching it for customers.

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