facebook Customer Engagement: Ever Changing World
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Customer Engagement: Ever Changing World

| February 25th, 2019 | 2087 Views

If you still nurture the idea that Customer Engagement is all about revenues, it is high time to change your perceptions. It is not that revenue is not of enough significance, but there are other crucial aspects too.

According to current trends, customer engagement is measured and assessed by quite a few metrics. Conversions, clicks, traffic, and share are some of the prime indicators of customer engagement. But those are simply considerations made by marketers. In reality, they seem to be of little use in measuring engagement or customer satisfaction.

Therefore, the emphasis is on ensuring unsurpassed experiences for customers. Businesses must embrace customer-centric approaches and give weight age to client satisfaction. Their target must be towards aligning sales goal with customer support, thus reaping dual benefits.

How about referring to the following points for a reality check?

1. Ensure ‘Real’ Experiences

According to a survey performed by 150 B2B marketers, present-day marketing professionals give paramount importance to customer experiences. The same report points at the increasing eagerness of customers to get information on their chosen goods and services. That does not necessarily mean businesses can keep on targeting their ad materials to potential customers.

Don’t ever consider your B2B customers to be inanimate objects or zombies. They expect value, customized approaches, and respect.

2. Steer Clear of Being an Empty Vessel

You must be well aware of the proverb that says ‘empty vessel sounds much’. Your customers will inevitably like to receive special treatments, but not to the extent of being babysat. Don’t keep on pestering them about reviews.

Try not to embarrass or irritate them by featuring their chosen product ads on each and every site visited by them. Remember that your customers will hate too much of empty noise, and love to see results.

3. Satisfaction vs. Importance

Customer service happens to be an integral segment of customer engagement. And marketers are always looking for opportunities to create ‘memorable moments’ for customers. As a marketer, your job does not end with the creation of these moments. You must also know the points of customer interaction along with finding out their profitability for your business.

Considering Physical Variables

Irrespective of the products or services, customers always look for certain crucial physical variables such as:

  • Time (required for setup)
  • Functionality (whether the product works as it is supposed to)
  • Environment (store ambiance)
  • Attractiveness (whether the product is eye-catching)

Highly efficient marketers will need to interject emotional values with these physical variables, thus broadening customer experience.

The evolution of customer engagement has been quite remarkable over the past few years. In a nutshell, it is customer satisfaction that every business is striving to achieve.

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