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Google Redesigns AdWords Interface

| April 13th, 2016 | 1634 Views

It is not without reason that Google is touted as the biggest virtual network across the globe. The company keeps track of all the major updates and changes taking place in the world and incorporates them to belt out extraordinary user experiences.

The latest news on the block is Google redesigning its Adwords interface. It has been eight long years since the last redesigning took place. And the company feels it is high time to present this exclusive Google service in an all-new avatar.

Moreover, at 15 years of age, Google Adwords seems to have aged quite a bit. Thousands of features are waiting to be incorporated over a decade, and there can never be a better time than this!

Reasons For This Major Update

AdWords ranks amongst the top revenue sources for Google. Therefore, the company wishes to leave no stone unturned in setting things right for themselves. What you need to know is the major aspects undergoing critical transformations. So, what is it that’s changing?

  • Performance at a Glance: Until now, the AdWords interface primarily focused on ad words bought by people. The content was not a prominent feature back then. However, the new update aims at providing a brief overview of the performance of each ad campaign. Those wishing to acquire more information can just click on the news.
  • The New Programming Language: Another major change occurs in its designing process. Google AdWords is getting redesigned through Material Design. Now, this is not surprising as Material Design happens to be Google’s indigenous designing script.

The company has been using it several designing projects such as Gmail, Search, and Maps. And it enhances user experiences by quite a few notches if implemented in the right manner.

What About Functionalities?

Since a comprehensive redesigning is taking place, users will inevitably wish to know about the future of AdWords functionalities. As of now, there are simply no changes in its functionality. The structure and running process of the ad campaigns will remain unchanged.

Transformations will occur in the manner and order of data display.

Users Speak

According to Google, this update was not a closed-door decision. Rather it resulted out of user interactions and suggestions. After profound market studies, the company came across three prime aspects.

  • Firstly, advertisers found Google AdWords to be more concerned about product features than marketers’ objectives.
  • Secondly, with hundreds of features being launched each year, complexities on the platform was increasing rapidly.
  • Thirdly, Google decided to impart flexibility to the AdWords platform. It has been quite some time now, and the basic design truly looks antiquated.

With just a few initial accesses, the redesigned version is yet to reach all the Google AdWords users. However, the company will also incorporate a few more iterations, and make the new version available for almost every user.

According to news, this brand new version will not include beta testing. Google will target advertisers and give huge importance to their feedbacks. Initial versions might have SMB focus, but that’s about it. The main objective would be to gather feedback across spectrums.

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