facebook D2C Marketing & Advertising: The Digital Strategies You Must Adopt
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D2C Marketing: The Digital Strategies You Must Adopt

| August 1st, 2022 | 1052 Views


Do you know that expected D2C E-commerce sales are expected to reach 175 billion USD? The D2C selling model is booming with many new businesses now opting to sell directly to consumers. D2C marketing is a different front from that of D2B. D2C marketing focuses on selling your products or services directly to consumers. Therefore, it requires a unique approach, one that’s customer-centric. It should touch on the pain points of customers and should talk to them on a more personal level.

With Direct To Consumer(D2C Marketing), businesses aim to include those marketing approaches that can be more targeted and specific to a consumer. This includes Social Media, Content, SEO, PPC, and other unique approaches that can communicate with consumers at a more personalized level. Mind you these strategies work for D2B as well, however, with D2C the tactics are tweaked.

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This blog will introduce you to digital D2C strategies that you can execute for your business. Hopefully, you’ll pick on some of the tips and improve your D2C channel and get more customers than ever.

SEO For Cracking The D2C Market

SEO is probably the most popular digital marketing strategy and there are no two ways about it. The ROI of SEO is high if implemented correctly.

D2C brands rely on their distribution system, one that’s sans retail partners, and purchasers. Hence, SEO is crucial to such businesses and D2C advertising just can’t do without a potent SEO strategy and execution. Taking this into consideration, as per Lore Digital SEO ROI statistics, organic strategy drives 300% more traffic as compared to social networks. So, yes SEO does work if implemented well.

Good SEO can help a website rank well in search engines. This includes building a website as per the guidelines decided by the search engines. Abiding by the best web practices is what SEO is all about. It consists of writing unique content that satisfies user intent, conducting keyword research, Off-Page SEO tactics, ensuring technical parameters of the website, etc. Moreover, with SEO, a business can develop a tailored strategy.

The keyword research is all about recognizing the business terms you would want visibility for. Think of the search terms, your business can rank for and then optimize accordingly. The same way goes for content marketing, which includes creating content for your target audience and marketing as such. Therefore, SEO plays a vital role in D2C advertising.

Moreover, since D2C businesses rely on their communication channel, the best way to get some leads is to have some traffic on the website. On-page SEO measures such as title, meta optimization, keyword optimization, and more can help. The title tag and meta description of a page can also entice the user into clicking on your page alongside working well for your SEO. These are also the elements that help a search engine understand the page content alongside driving traffic to the website.

Finally, here are some points you should keep in mind while doing SEO for D2C marketing and advertising:

  • Keep the content simple so that an individual can easily understand it.
  • Make the writing personalized so that individuals can connect.
  • Create content as per your audience’s taste. Also, you don’t have to be on every platform to market your content. Serve your audience’s needs via content. Educate and sell accordingly.

PPC For Instant D2C Growth

Content and SEO might be fruitful in the long run but for short, instant growth, your business can try running some PPC campaigns. PPC advertising can prove to be fruitful in the following ways:

  • PPC is a vital strategy to outrank your competitors and quickly get some sales and revenue.
  • Pay-Per-Clicks campaigns can be highly targeted allowing your products or services visibility in front of your target audience.
  • It can quickly sell products, especially during holidays, sales, and other yearly events if a campaign gets set up that way.

With PPC, a business can run paid campaigns and run ads on display ad networks, social media, and search engines. Consisting of an incredible ROI, PPC is one of the most potent D2C advertising techniques. For instance, for every dollar spent on Google ads, a business earns two dollars in return.

 PPC can be a crucial part of D2C advertising thanks to the control it provides to the advertisers. Some common PPC ads are search ads that appear on the SERP, display ads that are banner ads on partner websites, and social ads that appear on social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy For Making Connections

Social media has allowed individuals to stay in touch with each other consistently. D2C businesses can leverage this feature of social media, stay in touch and sell to their target consumers. Moreover, social media helps a D2C business become a brand, and increase the trust factor with its audience.

With the help of shares, engagement, and impressions, a business can boost its social media following. People love to connect with brands they love online. Therefore, building brand content and sharing it online on a platform where your target audience is most likely to be, can reap multiple benefits.

You can go organic or paid on social platforms. Based on demographics, locations, interests, and target audience, you can build content around your products and get them displayed organically on user feeds. Or you can run paid ads and set up campaigns. Moreover, brands can innovatively reach their audience with social platforms. If a business leverages the best of social platforms, they have a higher chance of connecting with its audience. Hence, social media platforms if well used can certainly become a part of D2C marketing.

Content Marketing For Communication

Content is one of the biggest factors of D2C advertising. As D2C advertising relies more on inbound marketing, it’s one of the biggest and single most crucial factors. With content, a business can generate referral links, more shares, and authority among its audience. Whether it’s selling, or educative content, content can help a business create both and get a wider audience.

Google’s criteria for judging content is based on E-A-T which stands for  “Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy”. Any content that passes these 3 factors would be deemed as high value. Here are some of the content measures you should keep in mind:

  • Keep the website information rich.
  • Have an easy to follow website design where the content pages are well connected.
  • Write content for users and not for search engines so avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Make the website content unique, useful, and engaging
  • Share content on your target platform for your target audience.

Landing Page Optimization For User Experience

Even though there are lots of factors that come under user experience, the landing page is probably one of the most crucial of them. It doesn’t matter whether the click is from paid or organic sources, the landing page should be well optimized. A visitor should have a great experience on the landing page as that helps increase conversions.  It’s the page they visit if they click on one of your campaign links.

Naturally, any D2C business should focus on optimizing their land pages as, if it isn’t convincing, that can vastly hurt the conversions and sales. Optimizing the landing page includes fixing content, page load speed, CTA’s, landing page UI/UX, etc. All this is done to enhance the user experience. This is also one of the main reasons why Google is telling businesses to focus on core web vitals which are all about user experience. A smooth user experience increases chances of an individual doing business with you.

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Therefore, D2C marketing involves making your digital strategy a whole lot more personalized. You also have the creative freedom to interact with your audience innovatively as people love creative advertising pursuits. Taking digital strategies such as SEO, PPC, etc., and modifying them to connect better with your target audience is what D2C is all about. Hence, some of the vital digital tactics for D2C marketing are:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • User Experience

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