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How to Double Your Social Media Following in Easy Steps

| March 9th, 2021 | 1868 Views

Social Media

Social media is a very powerful platform to build your brand among the target audience which requires an effective social media marketing strategy so as to achieve the desired goal. In this marketing strategy, one of the core parameter is “Social Media Following” and many marketing professionals pay an extra emphasis on increasing this following number irrespective of the fact that half of the number on which they are putting efforts are useless for them because this unnecessary fan following may contain inactive and irrelevant users who do not add any value to your brand. As a result of which the quality of your brand value will degrade, engagement on your brand will be fewer and the overall social signal presence will become very less. The main reason behind this arises due to the buying of such type of followers from cheap and unreliable sources like Fiverr and those users who offer followers from Twitter.

When you look back into your following strategy, monitor results and analyze statistics related to your brand followers then you come to realize that it is always better to have less relevant and engaging followers as compared to a humongous list of irrelevant and inactive followers. And in real such type of engaging followers who are highly familiar with your brand are more valuable than other useless following lists.

So it is always been a challenge for social media marketers to build and double such type of engaged, loyal and relevant followers for your brand so that your social media brand will emerge as an evolving star as compared to other competitors. Below are some of the top 5 incredible ways and steps that will help to build and double the amount of social media following for your brand.

Add Extra Quality for Content Posting


It is always better to focus more on content as it is the only KING across digital marketing world, so when you post your social media content with additional content quality then you increase the chances of attracting and engaging more number of genuine followers. High-quality social content relates to the original and shareable if it has an emotional touch with your audience then it is an added advantage. Also, try to make your content crisp with attractive images and trendy hashtags. Creating and distributing this type of content increases the habit of your followers to share your post with their friends and followers too. This way you can get relevant followers towards your brand.

Make Regular Practice to Reach New Target Audience

Don’t hesitate to reach out and look for new individual profiles within your niche over the social media because people generally like to be active with an open conversation on all types of social media channels. In this type of hunt, you also need to reach such type of profiles who are not familiar with your brand but are involved in any type of public conversation. And to achieve this, you may need to use your own personal brand which can be represented as a sub-branch of your corporate brand. In this way, your approach will look much friendly and will increase the chances of getting more engagement with those new users. An approach you may follow is to tag individuals within your content updates including multimedia and focus on those profiles who are specifically related to the content update and your brand.

Jump into an Existing Conversation

We are all aware of the fact that all social media platforms are full of various active conversations and many of such talks are related to your brand. So, it is always better to look out for such conversations by the help of software, by following reputed brands within your niche or you may simply use the search feature as it is most common in all social channels to find related conversation threads. In these threads, you may find a huge number of individuals who are engaged in discussing some general question, which provides you an opportunity to jump into the discussion, share your opinion with great sincerity and while doing this you can increase the possibility of presenting your brand awareness among those community.

Build Consistency to Work with Influencers

Social Media
Social media influencers play in important role in achieving a huge number of followers towards your brand as they are considered as the most powerful social media individuals because of thousands of genuine followers within your space. Working with them closely in the form of content exchange, interview schedules, business reviews or even a conversation may give you an opportunity to increase your brand value with real followers. In this way, you may crossbreed genuine audience in your space and will earn a good reputation for your brand just by collaborating with those influencers. If you continue this with a number of influencers then it will be a great boost to your following list for the brand.

Honor Your Followers with Rewards and Accolade


Rewarding your target audience is one of the core things that most of the social media marketers miss during their SMM strategy. It is always beneficial for you to give rewards and accolade followers with some giveaway, free content distribution or by simply replying to each and every comment, tweet or direct message you are receiving from your audience. In this way, your followers or audience will feel appreciated and will definitely share your brand with their friends and family which in turn will increase your fan following.

Hope these aforementioned 5 ways to increase your social media following help to build your brand. As already said while achieving this you should always need to focus on the genuine and quality following list, which will only help to the gram and double your social media following in future.

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