facebook Understanding Customer Needs is the Key to Core Sales
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Understanding Customer Needs is the Key to Core Sales

| July 14th, 2023 | 2628 Views


While the core of the sales or SEO still remained the same, totally based on our relationship with the client, understanding each other about the target audience, and setting up expectations as per budget and timeliness.

Better communication and listening always lead to new highs. But with changing time and emerging multi-dimensional requirements, we have to be ready to provide relevant solutions and that too with the help of cutting-edge technology, innovative and effective ways to lure the customer. We need to identify customer’s pain points, understanding customer need is the key.

  1. Efficiency vs Effectiveness: In this digital era, there is a shift happening in sales Marketing and SEO, with the focus moving to effectiveness from efficiency, with a lot of data and information available online for buyers who are now more digitally literate than ever before, the competitive landscape is changing rapidly, representatives should be sales-ready and able to add value to their customers. 
  1. Mobile vs Desktop Optimization: “Mobile searches” has surpassed the standard form of search “Desktop search”, and Google confirmed that a few months back, hence user interface for new websites should be responsive as per mobile resolutions, it is almost like new mandatory ask. This shift will be much larger in the coming year’s mobile traffic will be the key to analyzing any business insight. Mobile optimization is becoming a norm not an exception anymore. The business has to conceptualize and create SEO strategies for increasing mobile searches, if not doing so. 
  1. Content is the king – Video vs written content: It’s going to be huge changes to the world of content marketing strategy, how you manage and publish content is a key aspect. With the attention span of the audience is lacking, the scope of visual contents is emerging like never before. Quality will be preferred over quantity. Better content always leads to better ranks and traffic. Video content and marketing as a bigger reach now, some well-known research survey associations have found that 80% of online users recall visual stuff like video on a website and almost half of them took some action of either visiting the site or purchasing. Along with written content, Infographics and Videos are the latest and most important part of content strategy.
  1. Vocal and Local search: Focus on improving rank in Local searches since it is getting more targeted. Local search will become more relevant and always gain importance because of the conversion rate. Google already working hard with its algorithms to make searched quick and conversational, voice-based searches now provide quick voice-based searching for almost everything. Voice-based searches will change the whole search eco-systems.
  1. Efficient use of Social Media: Over 80% of marketers use social media to benefit and boost SEO. Content from social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other will be more important. More platforms going to be added to the increased indexes results that Google receives. As per Google “social media” posts will be considered as significant as “Web” posts. Sales professionals used to focus on the client’s pain points and explain how they can provide a solution. People tend to use social media to express their views, problems, and frustrations, Finding and reaching out to them can get them into Sales funnel and higher the chances of lead generation. Influencer marketing is very important for SEO and marketing strategy. 
  1. Keyword Targeting: Keywords are has been the principal factor and will remain the key factor for any SEO strategy, keyword targeting is an important and popular concept in SEO. The right choice of Keyword is the challenge in his competitive business landscape. Choose keywords after analyzing Industry trends, competitors’ studies and behavioral aspects of users.

Improve Your Sales Performance

Improve Sales Performance

Sell to customer needs – Always expect your prospects will buy just what they require.

Create and maintain favorable attention – Effective marketing, referrals, strong sales skills, and strategic questions are the keys to creating favorable attention.

 Ask, listen, and Act – These three words compress achievement in sales. Your inquiries must be innovative, direct and appropriate and well-planned. You’re paying attention skills must be exceptionally developed. You should reply and make a move that shows you listened to the client and need the sale.

Maximize your time – Focus on your goals. Test every activity for its importance and urgency. Create an ideal schedule, and test your actual time use against it daily.

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