facebook Janrain's Q1 2015 Report: Facebook Extends Social Login Lead Over Google
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Janrain’s Q1 2015 Report: Facebook Extends Social Login Lead Over Google

| September 7th, 2021 | 1635 Views

Janrain’s Q1 2015 Report showed Facebook taking the lead position with 45% share and beating Google, which now has a 37% share in the social login market. The biggest gain of Facebook came from the B2B and consumer brand websites. Users are encouraged to use social media credentials to sign on various web and mobile sites. Janrain competitor Gigya, which will release its quarterly report later in the month of April will also tend to show the supremacy of Facebook in the social login market.

Janrain vice president of marketing and product, Jamie Beckland said Facebook has mainly gained from the rising use of native mobile apps. For example, Apple’s iOS has Facebook integrated into its operating system. So the dramatic increase in the purchase of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has automatically increased mobile registrations on Facebook.

Facebook’s shares have surged 11 percentage points to 35% in B2B taking a lead over LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s share has dropped 10 percentage points to 25%. However, Janrain predicts LinkedIn will recover some lost ground when it will implement API changes this spring. This professional networking site tends to introduce an “Apply with a LinkedIn button to corporate websites.

Facebook should also be indebted to the consumer brand sites that have helped Facebook enjoy 58% share, a 9-point increase over the previous quarter. Google’s share has dropped by 9 points, giving Facebook a commanding 58%-29% edge

The main competition was between Facebook and Google with the rest of the social login providers not having more than 5% of the market share.

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