facebook Facebook Instant Articles: Are we ready for it?
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Facebook Instant Articles: Are we ready for it?

| October 30th, 2020 | 1647 Views

By optimizing numerous contents posted by publishers, Facebook Instant articles makes contents easily accessible to readers. Users trying to access contents through mobiles will do so within minimal time. However, Facebook Instant Articles happens to be quite different from the other features of the platform. As a publisher or content marketer, you will have to perform some groundwork before publishing your content.

Here’s what you need to know.

Getting Started

Your preparation work will depend on crucial factors such as the platform, your technical expertise, as well as the amount of content to be published. Apart from that, there are certain things you will require for publishing your content on Facebook Instant Articles.

  • Your Facebook Page: It is the most obvious and significant requisite for using Facebook Instant Articles.
  • Facebook Pages App: You will get a preview of how your article will look like, on your mobile devices.
  • Facebook Instant Articles Mark Up Those having WordPress websites will have access to official plug-ins that also supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • 50 Articles for Approval: You will require 50 articles to get admission into Facebook Instant Articles program.
  • RSS feed: If you wish to automate the process of publishing contents to Facebook Instant Articles, you will require RSS feeds displaying your articles fully.
  • Facebook Business Manager: Required for instant support.

Check Out Beta Publishers

Browsing through contents of various publishers will prove to be the best thing to do. It will help you develop an idea about the utility of Facebook Instant Articles for your content. If your contents are of huge word counts and also include complex charts, tables, and graphs, perhaps Facebook Instant Articles will not be a great option for you.

Sign Up

Once you are sure about the importance and utility of Facebook Instant Articles, you can sign up. After signing up, you will be linked to Facebook Developers’ Guide meant for Facebook media publishers and Facebook Instant Articles.

PageFrog for WordPress Users

If you are a WordPress user, the PageFrog plug-in will prove to be a great way of preparing your content.

Options for Non-Wordpress Users

For those without a WordPress site, the content publishing platform will play a key role. For platforms without proper codings such as Tumblr or Medium, you will need to check their supportability for Facebook Instant Articles. For platforms such as Joomla or Drupal, the options will be quite different.

With these aspects in mind, you will inevitably achieve a successful entry into the Facebook Instant Articles program.

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