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Fix Mobile Usability Issues

| January 27th, 2015 | 1388 Views

Smartphones have made their way into each hand around the world. There’s no escaping it. For those who have customers using Smartphones, especially, who prefer to use your website on their mobile phones, it’s time for you to make your website mobile friendly both for your customers as well as for search engines like Google.

Making a website mobile friendly has become a rage with website owners these days, especially after Google has started sending mass notifications to all webmasters who own websites that are not mobile-friendly. It is one of those messages that read ‘fix mobile usability issues found on…’This will be followed by a review of all the mobile usability errors that have been detected for your site and its pages.

If you need to know whether you have got these messages, then you need to check your emails that are registered with Google Webmaster Tools. Webmasters and website owners are strongly advised not to ignore these emails and messages and to start working on fixing the errors, especially for those websites which are accessed through Smartphones as well.

In the wake of Google’s broken mobile site penalty launched in 2013, this new update indicates that Google is about to launch a new mobile ranking algorithm. Sources close to Google have reported that experiments on such lines have started in the month of November in the last year. Following the lines of the same, Google will also be launching a mobile-friendly testing tool and also provide mobile usability reports in Google Webmasters Tools. Websites complying with the new mobile usability standards will receive mobile friendly labels in the search engine results.

In order to be labeled as a mobile-friendly site in the result pages of mobile and tablet searches and in order to maintain high ranks for your keywords, you need to get the mobile usability issues inspected and fixed by an expert. Only then you can expect to stay in tune with the times and in touch with your customers.

If you haven’t got a mobile-friendly version of your website, you should not delay any further. With the humongous traffic experienced by Google and other search engines through Smartphones and Palmtops, it would a bad decision to remain backdated.

Speak to your website design and development team and get a mobile-friendly website. You could also try fixing such issues if you feel confident. You can also seek a free consultation from our mobile website experts at EZ Rankings and get a free inspection of mobile usability issues on your website. Our experts will also give you a Mobile SEO report on how to fix issues and make your website easily visible to Smartphone users.