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Social Media Reaching out

| May 14th, 2019 | 1475 Views

So you’ve created your Facebook page and your Twitter account and you are using it pretty regularly to interact with customers. So how do you extract the maximum from this medium? How do you increase your fan base? Apart from being regular with your posts and tweets, what can make your brand stick?

Hold Contests

To create user interaction hold contests on your page. It will create an interest in the customers and also they will constantly keep coming back to your page to check on the results and for more contestants. It’s important that you interact with the contestants during the contest.


If you are a fashion brand, you could hold a contest on fashion trends for instance. Anything that keeps the customers hooked. This again will create more customers and you can get higher conversion rates when you market your products


Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter. Interact with your users on Twitter. There is a huge fan base to cater to via Twitter. Tweeting regularly will create more followers.

Find the Time

Try and figure out the time frame which gets the maximum feedback for your posts. Figuring this out will help you capture the attention of your target audience effectively.

Keeping these pointers in mind can really help you extract maximum benefits from your social media packages. Remember the key to a successful campaign is regularity with your posts and tweets and maximum interaction with customers.