facebook What Is Google Dorking and How to Protect Yourself?
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What Is Google Dorking and How to Protect Yourself?

| January 4th, 2023 | 2157 Views

Google Dorking

With the development of technology, everyone may use Google, the most dominant search engine globally. To conduct research, data, and other internet resources, you utilize Google. However, Google’s capabilities go beyond this. Google Dorking would be a hacking method that uses Google’s sophisticated search capabilities to uncover important information or challenging-to-find stuff.

Google hacking is another term for “Google Dorking.” You will learn how to use Google search tactics for hacking in this lesson on what Google Dorking involves.

A Brief Historical Overview of Google Dorks

Overview of Google Dorks

The first Google dorks appeared in 2002 when cyber security specialist Johnny Long began employing custom searches to look for website components he might use in cyberattacks. Long referred to the specialized Google search queries he employed as a type of penetration testing, and the collection of these searches expanded into the Google Cyber – attack Database. As a result, you may discover a wide range of advanced searches that can be applied to find various types of buried data.

Johnny Long has dedicated his infosec talents to charity and worldwide development, creating technology and infrastructure skills training in undeveloped nations, even though his technologies have been exploited for evil ends.

What Is Google Dorking?

What Is Google Dorking

Google Dorking, sometimes known as Google hacking, uses search methods to break into unprotected websites or investigate data not displayed in open search results.

Leveraging search strings and functions, Search engines like google operates similarly to an analyst. For instance, you may claim that Google responds delicately to particular search terms when used with particular operators. However, a subsequent tutorial on “what is Google Dorking” will teach you how it works.

Is Google Dorking Prohibited?

Google Dorking Prohibited

Since Google Dorking is only an additional search method, it is entirely legal. Furthermore, Google was designed to handle complex queries, and prohibiting this feature would restrict information accessibility.

However, Google hacks may swiftly turn into crimes if they are used to secretly access another person’s device or account or acquire or access password-protected information or data. While looking for documentation might not always be prohibited, doing it without authorization nearly always is.

How Does Google Dorking Work?

Google Dorking Work

A custom search is used in Google Dorking, a passive operation or hacking technique. Hackers use Google to find websites with security flaws and sensitive data that attackers may access, typically for nefarious purposes.

Dorking, which has been around since 2002, often entails utilizing a search function as a hacking method. Dorking is made possible by Google’s amazing web-crawling powers. Attackers get a significant amount of information through Google dorks that they would not have with straightforward searches. This data consists of the following:

  • Passwords and usernames
  • Sensitive email addresses
  • Documents
  • Individually identifying information
  • Website shortcomings
  • Involving private information
  • Banking details

The vast majority of the time, this data is utilized for various illicit purposes, such as cybercrime, hacktivism, corporate espionage, identity theft, and cyber harassment. Additionally, hackers can offer to sell this information for a high price to other cybercriminals on the dark web.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Cybersecurity Center, and the Ministry of Homeland Security of the State sent an alert in August 2014 cautioning organizations to watch out for Google drooling on their websites. Conducting Google Dorking trips using plausible attack metrics was one of the intrusion countermeasures suggested to determine what data an intruder may obtain.

Metadata And Dorky Google Searches

Metadata And Dorky Google Searches

A Google dork search may be performed with several options to find files or data on a webpage or domain. This string retrieves PDF files for the website https://www.governmentwebsite.gov that include the phrase “sensitive but unclassified” somewhere in the text:

Site:governmentwebsite.gov filetype: pdf description: “sensitive but unclassified”

A hacker who gains access to internal papers on a website may also be able to obtain more private data. For instance, a document database management system frequently includes information that the author may not be conscious of, such as titles, removals, dates, and modification history.

A hacker equipped with the right tools and understanding of Google’s needs may retrieve private data from metadata. Deleting all metadata from papers before posting them online is a recommended practice because of this. Due to document sanitization, authorized individuals can only access the required data.

What are the Google Dorks Search Queries?

Google dorks search query

A query on search query is conducted using a search factor in a Google dork. Hackers utilize Google’s built-in database design to uncover sensitive information, follow individuals, and identify online flaws that a basic search would not disclose.

Here are some main search criteria that Google Dorks users frequently employ.

Operator Function Example
cache: Retrieves a website’s cached version cache:ezrankings.com
site: Provides a list of every URL from a webpage or domain that has been indexed. site:ezrankings.com
filetype: Based on the specified file extension, it returns different types of files filetype:pdf
inurl: Searches the URL for a given phrase. inurl:register.php
allinurl: Returns entries whose URL contains every character you provide. allinurl:clientarea
intext: Finds websites with certain elements or strings in their content. intext:”Google Dork Query”
inanchor: Examines every link’s specific anchor text to find it inanchor:”cyber attacks”
| Displays all websites that include either or both terms entered in the search. hacking | Google dork
+ Words are concatenated to find pages that include more than one particular key. hacking + Google dork
Used to filter out search results that include specific terms. hacking – dork

Various Google Dorking Demonstrations

Google Dorking Demonstrations

Google Dorking is the phrase used to describe the process of using specialized search techniques and sophisticated search engine criteria to discover secret information. Said it is Power Search on a higher level. Ethical hackers frequently use this technique in cyber security to identify any holes in a specific website. At the same time, hackers can expose information that organizations and people do not want to make searchable online by using Google Dorking techniques.

Additionally, a vast array of free web tools are at the disposal of hackers. They can employ them to carry out quick hacking activities using automated checks that do several Google Dorking searches. Five examples will demonstrate how Dorking may seriously jeopardize your online experiences. We also have the essential solutions; continue reading:

1. Accessing CCTV systems

Globally, Internet Protocol-based surveillance cameras are utilized to control activity remotely. Business owners use cameras to monitor the behavior of their staff, and parents watch over their kids while they are not present. Unfortunately, hackers who are not the owners can view the live feed of a home or business because of flaws in the programming of these webcams.

Example search query

inurl:” viewer frame?mode=motion”

The key to accessing a variety of unprotected live video feed domains is the list of keywords mentioned above. Using this technique, hackers can gain total control of a surveillance camera. Once compromised, live cams may be utilized to perpetrate serious crimes. However, the proprietor across the table does not comprehend anything.

The answer is remote internet monitoring, which controls a security camera’s online activity. To remotely access the surveillance system and control each camera, utilize an app or website. Most companies often keep this option “activated.” So be sure to switch it off while not in use. A secure password is necessary when in use.

Finally, think about getting security systems from reputable vendors. Here are some how-tos.

2. Webcam hacking

Hackers may locate available webcams and view the individual on the other end covertly without providing any indication. To make use of cameras, employ the operators listed below:

intitle” EvoCam” inurl:” webcam.html.”

Webcam hacking has been the subject of several reports, so it is not an extremely difficult crime for skilled hackers. The camera of Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA from the previous year, was compromised by hackers employing the Remote Access Tool. Hackers used to monitor her webcam and even allowed her to buy significant exposure to the camera on forums and dark websites. The hacker got later located and sentenced to 18 months in prison. Webcam broadcasting that is not desired destroys your anonymity.

Solution: It is advised to constantly update the malware protection software’s profile information. Regularly update the software on your cameras. More tech-savvy persons may find it easier to identify whether their cameras broadcast data to a third-party source with a robust firewall. View these Do-It-Yourself steps.

3. Attacking Personal Files:

Filetype: PHP “Payment methods” is the inurl: list/admin

A set of contractors like this might provide users access to a database containing comprehensive data on client names, financing options, and order values.

Title: Index of Financial Statements.xls

With this collection, you could come into contact with private clients and banking details.

Avoid posting sensitive or confidential information as a strategy. If you must distribute the data, ensure it is secured and password-protected. To shield your domains from Google spiders, use .htaccess, a directory-level management file accessible by many remote servers. See how to do this yourself.

4. Website Hacking Vulnerabilities:

The websites vulnerable to SQL injection may be readily located and targeted by hackers employing dorks. The easiest method is to finish the URL with a “;” There are several more intricate approaches. All critical information on a website is kept on servers. Once it has been accessed, a hacker can access the user’s phone numbers, home addresses, and saved credit card information.

Use tools to execute pre-populated dork searches to find any private information publicly available on the relevant website. Do not Google index private websites. To stop search results from crawling your webpage, use robots.txt. Make frequent use of an automated vulnerability scanner to test your website. Ensure the user panel’s names are unique; www.site.com/admin is obvious, but www.site.com/91029random/ requires more thought. Here are some DIY instructions.

5. Wi-Fi gateway hacking:

Vulnerable Wi-Fi connections can be hacked using sophisticated search filters. Cybercriminals might seize control and cause havoc if they discover an unsecured network. Using specialized Dorking techniques can expose a variety of weakly protected networks. The geeks that hacked routers included:

“Cgi-bin” inurl: “No password set!

On this router, there is no security measure configured.

intitle” router” inurl:” home.asp.”

Hackers frequently use compromised routers to redirect their traffic. They can hack facilities while remaining unidentified due to this. The individual whose gateway was employed to handle the traffic is discovered when it is tracked.

The first line of defense for routers would be a firmware revision. To make it difficult for hackers, use obscure passwords. Wi-Fi Secured Access 2 (WPA2) encryption is usually advised due to its vulnerability to hacking. Finally, think about turning on MAC filtering.

Protective Measurements against Google Dorking

Measurements against Google Dorking

How can you prevent someone from utilizing information discovered via Google Dorking upon you now that you know the power that Google dorks may wield?

Concerning by itself will not help, even while it is simple to become worried about how much information Google has regarding you and the possibility that it may be compromised. Instead, constantly strengthen your online security to safeguard your private information from the adverse effects of Dorking, such as a phishing attempt.

The following are a few of the strongest defenses against Google trolls:

  1. Use 2FA, password protection, and unique passwords for all your login details. That will significantly lower the possibility of someone using data stolen from a Google attack to access your accounts. Additionally, keep all of your passwords in a trustworthy password manager.
  2. Scan for vulnerabilities. Run security testing often if you manage a webpage or other technological infrastructure to ensure any vulnerabilities are detected.
  3. To delete sensitive websites from the results of public searches, use Google Search Console.
  4. Do a Googling dork on yourself to find out what private data is publicly available.
  5. Add robot.txt files to critical directories on your website if you are the administrator to instruct Google not to analyze that material. One Google defense against illegal Dorking is robot.txt.
  6. Install complete security software to safeguard your gadget and your sensitive information.


You discovered how to use Google search methods to access confidential details unintentionally or willfully posted online in this session on what constitutes Google Dorking.

You may also use sophisticated search phrases to look for crucial data, as you taught in class. For instance, Google Dorking is merely a tool for you to practice hacking without trying to break the law.

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