facebook Google No Longer Lets You Change Domains To Search Different Countries
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Google No Longer Lets You Change Domains To Search Different Countries

| August 17th, 2022 | 1670 Views


Is it possible to change Google country-specific domain? You cannot do it anymore. Even a few days back you would get search results which were localized as per your requirement. By going to the various domains, you would get quickly get access to the country-specific services. Now the domain will not be affected by choice of country.


Objectives supporting the move

The change is made by the search engine company with the objective of increasing the relevancy of the search results. The users should find the Top SEO Services in India quickly. Another objective of making this change is that it is often noted in the majority of the cases at least one search among a few is directed towards the location. So it makes more sense to supply local information for getting the effective results.

Beneficial for the travelers

This new feature should probably work advantageously for the travelers. If you are traveling to another nation, then you should be getting all the local information. As soon as you return to your home country, you should start receiving all sorts of information in your native language. In previous days the scenario was way too different. People on their return to their homeland had to start keying in their home country’s domain name. Go to the websites of some of the Best SEO Services to gather more information.

Dynamic changes

Country code top level domain names are associated with specific countries. Google used to utilize these country code top-level domain names to make a differentiation of international services and provide localized results. So for the domain, there should be no indication of country-specific results. Instead, you will now be offered localized search results. You have decided to travel to a different country for business purposes. So you will see that your services will change dynamically based on your location and they will return to their original status once you are back from the destination.

Some workaround

You must be happy to know that there are specific ways to do away with the country’s results. Some workaround is allowed for those users who while browsing are not able to view their nation specific services. In those situations, the users can go to the settings option. It is situated at the bottom of the results page. On the mobiles, you have to scroll down to take a look. From the menu, you have to choose search settings. This will enable you to select a new location.

Quality services

This significant change is going to have an impact on some of the existing services such as Google Search and Maps services. The functioning of the products will not be affected in any way. It should also not impede the ways the company tackles the legal requirements. The users will see for their current locations only those results which are appropriate. So the main aim is fulfilled to a significant extent. Only useful results to your queries are displayed. Now, the emphasis is more on providing accurate information to the users to the maximum extent possible.


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