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How AMP Pages Boost Website Traffic and Keyword Ranking

| March 9th, 2021 | 1788 Views

AMP Pages Boost Website Traffic1

Do AMP pages have the capability of helping you in the growth of your website traffic? If you check the top ten web pages displayed on the desktop or your mobile you will see that the results are displayed in the AMP format. Accelerated mobile pages have the power to boost the ranking of any webpage.

Brief history

HTML makes use of tags. There are some specific tags which you may not be able to use such as forms. You may be required to use a streamlined version of CSS where you may have some restrictions on using JavaScript.  The life in the web text files is provided by this Object scripting language. If you use the JavaScript library, then you are faced with the problem of slow loading. So to do away with this problem, AMP version is launched.

Friendly experience for the mobile users

Accelerated mobile pages or AMP versions are involved with webpage content that will load faster on mobile devices. They focus on the type of technology used. Responsive Web Design Company utilizes HTML codes which are lighter. They also eliminate the unnecessary external JavaScript and CSS files. The main objective is to ensure a friendly experience for the mobile users.  They concentrate a lot more on the visibility of primary content. This aspect is of utmost importance to the mobile users than compared to the desktop users.

Unnecessary display of images prevented

The search engines judge all the Web Pages according to the loading time. The webpage will go higher up if the loading is faster. The AMP versions are designed in such a way by Responsive Web Design Services so that unnecessary stuff such as images and sidebars are not displayed. This is because they pose as barriers to faster loading of web pages, especially on mobile platforms. All these measures ensure that the user experience is enhanced on the mobiles.

More attention

If you start using the AMPP version, you will be benefited hugely, because you have every possible opportunity to be in the top slot of stories in the search engines. This will pave the scope of getting more attention and more clicks to your site. All the industries such as publishing, information-based sites will be benefited by making a switch over to this AMP version.

Reduction of bounce rate

Since there is a decrease in loading time with the help of accelerated mobile pages, the users can browse more now. This leads to a reduction in the website bounce rate. All this also increases the number of visitors and the amount of time spent on the website. Some of the search engines have announced in recent times that to attain the first position, the implementation of AMP version is of utmost importance. The world of search is evolving every day. Text file speed is one of the important factors which determine if the visitors are going to stick around on the website for an extended period or not. It is always a wise decision to evaluate your website with numerous speed testing tools.

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