facebook Google Randomly Picking Your Page Titles? This Is The Reason
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Google Randomly Picking Your Page Titles? This Is The Reason

| October 14th, 2021 | 1514 Views

Google recently revealed their latest update that covers the points you should follow while writing website page titles. As stated by HubSpot, “Your page title is the most important on-page element after content”, which makes this update crucial. If Google randomly picks the title of your page, that can affect your Click Through Rate. Someone will be less tempted to click on the random title generated by Google and that can impact your traffic majorly. To fix this problem make sure to read this blog carefully, as this blog clears the dilemma around page titles. 

Google’s New Page Title Guidelines And What You Can Do?

Google’s new page title update states that page titles are now known as title links. As in, these titles are clickable links that take users to the pages shown in search results. It’s easy to indicate your preferred title to Google by writing your title within the <title> tag. For search rankings purposes, only the title within <title> element will be used regardless of whether Google picks your preferred title or some random title from your content. With these new guidelines, you need to focus on some important factors, some of which are stated below:

  1. With the emphasis on <title> tag now, make sure that every page on your website has its own specified <title> element. 
  2. Avoid repetitive content and create unique titles. 
  3. Keep your titles brief and to the point. 
  4. Make sure that your title accurately describes your content. 
  5. Avoid keyword stuffing. 
  6. You can brand your titles by adding the name of your website in front of them. 


Why Google Picks A Random Title?

You’ve set the title for your page, but you can’t understand why Google isn’t accepting your title. The title that Google picks isn’t accurately describing the content of your page. It’s a standard problem and to avoid this, there are a few reasons you need to look into:

  1. The titles are incomplete and are missing some crucial text or information. Also, keeping a generic name like your website name, or Home Page as titles of your pages is not recommended.  
  2. You’ve updated your content but you forgot to update your title. Make sure that your title is updated with the content. 
  3. The title doesn’t correctly define your content. 
  4. You have a generic, repetitive text in the <title> tag. 

Note: Remember that Google can still choose text from your content as your page title even if you follow the latest guidelines.  

How Does Google Form Titles?

If Google doesn’t pick your desired title, it’s likely to form some title from your content. The search engine considers your content and references on your page for forming title links. Google can use the following sections to generate your page title:

  1. Content within <title> tag. 
  2. Anchor text on your page. 
  3. Other information is mentioned on the page. 
  4. Text within a hyperlink. 
  5. Information that’s large and prominent in the context of the content.
  6. Primary visual title or headline. 


It’s essential to be aware of the latest updates of Google as this keeps you ahead of your competitors. With the latest page title update, Google has made it clear on the factors it considers while reading the titles of your pages. Make sure to read and follow every point mentioned in this blog. Doing this will benefit your ranking, and in the long run, allowing you to do more business with potential leads.

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