facebook Google's AMP is Coming to Email - Here is What You Need to Know
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Google’s AMP is Coming to Email – Here is What You Need to Know

| March 3rd, 2021 | 1571 Views


Google has decided that they are going to bring their AMP or accelerated mobile pages to their emails. It has been around a year since the announcement was made, but they are just now starting to roll-out the implementation for web clients and email applications. This is thought to be the next huge thing for email and it has been around and available for use since at least 2015. This has been often used to help developers build more responsive and faster websites, but now it is being used to create interactive emails.

What Does AMP Do

One of the things that you need to make sure that you are aware of is just what this can do for you. It will make the email messages that you are sending out much more helpful and interactive. Instead of simply using attachments, links, images and text you can create the email that can act like a web page that is self-contained. This means that you no longer need to open some other tab or link, but instead you can open attachments, book a hotel or even fill out the survey directly inside the email. This is going to make it much easier for people who need to respond to something that is being sent without having to open it somewhere else.

How Will it Change Email?

You might also be wondering how this is going to change how email is used, but it isn’t going to make a huge difference. There are only a few things that might change when it comes to what the recipient would see when they get the email in their inbox, such as:

  • How the email looks
  • How the email would act
  • Reduction in the number of external applications or pages needed


However, it will also make things much easier for everyone since you no longer need to do anything special. Simply send the email as you would normally and let the coding and technology do the work and make everything simpler for the customer. There are plenty of companies that have already implemented or are planning on using, this technology when they are sending emails and promotional information to customers, including:

  • Mail.ru
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Gmail
  • Redbus
  • Pinterest
  • OYO Rooms
  • Next
  • Freshworks
  • Ecwid
  • Doodle
  • Despegar
  • Booking.com


These companies and email sites have been working hard to make it easier for the receiver to respond without having to open numerous applications or other sites. They are based all over the world, which means that this is going to be something that is globally popular and not just area specific. They know that their customers want to make the process easier and this is just one of the ways that they can make sure that it is done without worrying about anything else.

Interactive Mails

Before when you were using emails you would have to open new links to take advantage of any of the offers that were there. Also, if you had an attachment that you would need to open you would have had to open a new application unless you were using Google documents. However, now you can simply do all of the bookings for your needs or responding to other types of requirements directly in the mail. This would make the entire process easier and faster for everyone involved. The HTML would need to be created by the experts, but once it is done, then the work would be done.


   Image Source – Capterra Blog

Benefits of Using AMP

There are plenty of benefits that a company who is doing marketing can see when they are using the AMP based emails. There are numerous benefits that include:

  • Content that can be kept up-to-date using real-time for specific events and bookings
  • Recipients can browse as well as interact with the content in the email
  • Users can get more done within a short period of time without having to open another site or application


Anyone who works in marketing knows that time is money and the less time that a customer has to spend booking or responding to an email will equate to higher sales. Not only would the viewer be able to do everything in the mail, but they can also use it for responding to RSVP and much more.

Marketing is something that is very important and emails are a huge part of that. If you are thinking about marketing for your company, then using AMP is a great idea since you can let your customers do everything in one spot. They no longer need to open another application, link or tab to fill out the information and make a booking, but they can interact with everything in the body of the email. This is making the entire process more streamlined and you don’t need to worry about anything except having the HTML for the email created.

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