facebook Graphic Design is My Passion: Top 20 Origin and Best Meme
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Graphic Design is My Passion: Top 20 Origin and Best Meme

| January 10th, 2023 | 1921 Views


Do you prefer to work for graphic design or visual arts companies? Or work in the daily meme-loving web design industry? The meme “graphic design is my passion” is frequently heard in both situations. Typically, this expression denotes subpar graphic design work. Or, to be more precise, when a talented graphic designer purposefully creates something incorrectly, he uses this expression.

Every meme has its duration. They can begin with any broad tweet, quote, event, or anything else and expand into a sea of imagination and humor. Similar to how a Tumblr user shared a cartoon frog with a foggy, grey sky background, “Graphic design is my passion” memes first appeared. His statement, “Graphic design is my love,” made fun of inexperienced graphic designers as he uploaded this poorly modified photo.

Origin of the statement “Graphic Design is My Passion”

Graphic Design is My Passion

This graphic design is my passion meme was submitted by user “Yungterra” on Tumblr on July 7th (07) 2014. It serves as an example of a poor graphic design, or more precisely, a poor meme design. It was originally an online eye-roll, but the following year it received over 3, 42, 000 remarks on Tumblr, helping to become this meme the most popular of the year. A green cartoon frog and a cloudy grey sky were drawn by the person with the username “Yungterra,” who also included a fiery message.

This meme also shows how a subpar design may appear and unexpectedly become so famous. Unbelievably, it brought hundreds of memes while receiving almost 3, 52, 000 notes in a year.

What This Phrase “Graphic Design is My Passion” Indicates:

Memes have a peculiar life cycle that can span from a straightforward quotation, incident, tweet, or many others to a vast ocean of humor and creativity. And this meme was created to mock the average design work done by numerous design firms, designers, and artists. And it becomes so well-known that people still use it to describe terrible designs today.

You may say that the expression “graphic design is my passion” was created to parody graphic designers who use moderate design. It wouldn’t be incorrect to suggest that memes are parodies of certain hobbyist graphic artists who create their designs using Word, Paint, or other free software.

20 Origin and Best Meme about Graphic Design Is My Passion

This section contains some remarkable instances of visual memes that are both easy to understand and have a unique flair. I hope these memes make you smile in a lighthearted manner. Here you go:

  1. The Cloud Gray Sky and the Frog:


The original meme was created by “Yungterra,” a Tumblr user, and it quickly achieved enormous popularity among the community of designers.

  1. The Rainbow Cat


In this design, a vector of a grey cat is put against a rainbow. The meme’s original poster’s message, “Graphic design is my passion,” was also conveyed by it.

  1. A Dinosaur with Red Background:

Dinosaur with Red Background

The designer’s lack of design knowledge is evident by the red background and the unmatched typefaces that bother the eyes.

  1. Asking About Work before Time:

Asking About Work before Time

When working under pressure or tough deadlines, the heartwarming meme “Asking about Work before Time” is perfect for a designer. If the supervisor makes the employee do the task earlier than expected, the outcomes will eventually suffer.

  1. Emoji Guy


The first idea was made by someone who decided that the emojis needed to be updated. An emoji design was uploaded by a Tumblr user. The character’s point of view and hand gestures combined to give the scene an amusing appearance.

In addition, the original poster requested that the tech giant Apple hire him to redesign their emojis, which resulted in the funniest results.

  1. Spongebob Meme


Viewing memes and having fun people exhibit a range of actions. A Spongebob image was projected into the sky, uncannily like the frog from the original graphic design meme.

  1. The Alien Face


The Designer who intended to make fun of students’ aptitude for design disseminated this graphic design is my love meme extensively. The children, however, did not wait long to strike back.

  1. Photoshop Meme


A very horrifying occurrence did place in this classroom. Whether this artwork was produced by a student or was the result of someone’s photoshop effort is currently unknown. However, it has been widely distributed online.

  1. Variety of Design Formats:


Sometimes it’s incredibly challenging to convert the design file format. The absolute worst situation to deal with is when a client requests the conversion of a file that is not appropriate for a graphic design file.

  1. G.O.A.T.


Without removing the background or making any small alterations, someone just stuck a goat on the mountain! The purpose of these memes is to draw attention to the critical difference between a poorly executed and a well-executed design.

  1. The Suit Guy


Ever hear a man in a suit make a serious statement? Almost everybody has. This image was based on the same idea and demonstrated how even a man wearing a suit would appear odd if he declared, “Graphic design is my passion.”

  1. Artists & Designers


There are designers and artists.  Without giving it much thought, combining the two will inevitably result in something very unpleasant like this image.

  1. You Can’t Stop Me


This young person took the design concept too far. The meme did, however, make us chuckle uncontrollably. One of the memes from the “graphic design is my love” trend that was most popular at the time was featured in a number of media.

  1. It Could Be Anyone


Anyone can pursue graphic design as a creative career, including your parents. In Facebook groups, this screen grab from a cartoon series was posted frequently with the trendy phrase.

  1. Great Advertisement


Although completely unrelated, this meme demonstrates clearly why skilled graphic designers are a tremendous benefit for any business. They use the best graphics and the perfect message to attract headlines and raise awareness of the topic.

  1. Word Art

Word Art

Once, word art was truly very popular. It was revived by memes with the help of this GIF. Each character in the statement has been given a unique size, font, and color to make the GIF more eye-catching.

  1. Around the Corner


This meme emphasized common editing software and how the younger generation has made it their own. It also emphasized readily available they are, which has inspired many young people to launch their own “little companies.”

  1. The Frog is back


With a new background and a little more vocal, the frog is back in the meme game.  This meme is a wonderful example of how graphic design first gained popularity and how it continues to do so.

  1. The Office


Here, the basic idea driving this entire movement is portrayed by the iconic comedy character Michael Scott. Although Scott, the hero of “The Office,” is thought to have a perplexing demeanour, he is an excellent worker. When questioned about delivering a design in word format for editing, he pouts to indicate his discontent.

  1. Life of a Designer


In a creative career, graphic design is frequently misunderstood by the general public. This image is an excellent illustration of that, showing how each person is approaching the task from a different angle.

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The main purpose of the “Graphic design is my passion” meme is to criticize subpar layout designs. Additionally, this expression makes fun of designers who lack the abilities and competence to create remarkable designs. Therefore, in order to create an excellent layout, you must possess an advanced understanding of graphic design tools, techniques, and talents if you are self-assured enough to claim that “graphic design is my passion.” Take your own variation of this popular meme to add to the meme verse.

In fact, there are a lot of trends in graphic design that come and go. The “graphic design is my passion meme” fad, though, has been around for a while. And this saying, “keep it a secret,” is still relevant today, reminding us to enjoy our work before taking ourselves too seriously as designers.  Therefore, sayings like “my love are graphic design” encourage newcomers to the field and keep innovation alive.

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