facebook Guaranteed SEO: Can SEO Be Guaranteed?
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Guaranteed SEO: Can SEO Be Guaranteed?

| August 2nd, 2022 | 1590 Views

In this competitive domain, every business regardless of its size and industry wants to thrive online on better organic visibility. In the quest of this, business owners search for SEO services, and most of them fall for the trap of guaranteed SEO services.

Is there something guaranteed SEO services? If you are also new to SEO and want to know, is it possible to provide someone guarantee in SEO that their keywords will rank at the desired position? In this post, we will explore if SEO can be guaranteed and to what extent it can be done. Also, we will also check out whether you should go for this kind of guaranteed SEO services or not. 

Understand how SEO works

The first thing you need to understand is how exactly SEO works and who controls it? Search engines like Google, Bing, and others always keep updating their search algorithm to improve their services and customer experience. And the critical part about these changes is that no one knows what exactly the companies have changed.

An SEO company can follow the standard practices and also apply the new changes with respect to what they know about the new update. In this condition, a good SEO firm will clearly tell you that they will follow all the standard procedures to rank a website on particular keywords but there is not a 100% guarantee. 

The keyword can rank on the second page, or even it can rank on the fifth or sixth position on the first page itself. This thing is possible but ranking highly competitive keywords in the first position is unrealistic considering the competition and the existing ranking websites domain authority.

There are several factors that affect the SEO performance of a website and a good SEO agency will always keep you updated with the upcoming changes. However, they will never claim guaranteed SEO services that they can rank your website in the first position in a short period. 

Indeed ranking on top positions is possible, but it will require substantial time and effort to reach there and maintain the position once the site is ranked for the first position. 

Search engines warn against such claims:

The most important reason why you should avoid guaranteed SEO services is a search engine, Google’s statement in the same thing. In  Google’s Beginner SEO documentation, it is clearly mentioned that your SEO agency should be able to give you a realistic progress timeline on SEO results and should not guarantee anything. 

Even Google has also mentioned that if an agency or an individual is offering such guaranteed SEO services, you should find someone else. Google also wrote that no company should make such claims as the search engines are constantly evolving and there are a lot of changes happening around almost on a daily basis. So, if you plan to hire a professional SEO agency, check out how they are pitching you and what they are offering for your website. 

It is something that you can’t control

The second most important part that you should stay away from guaranteed SEO services is that no one has control over the search engine rankings and results. Yes, a company can claim to rank certain keywords on the second page or even lower positions on the first page. But, it’s unrealistic that companies make claims on something that they can’t control in any manner. 

It is because Google and other search engines only announce their major updates that are known to all. Other than this, these companies keep making changes in their algorithm daily and no updates are released over what they have changed. So, it’s always better to hire a professional SEO agency or go for a good SEO package that gives you a realistic timeline and result in expectation. 

It involve black-hat methods

If an SEO company is making guaranteed SEO services claims then there are high chances that the company might use black hat tactics to rank your website. For those who don’t know, major SEO is of two types — white hat SEO and black hat SEO. In white hat SEO, companies follow the industry standards and procedures to optimize your website. 

On the other hand, black hat SEO tactics include some banned actions that search engines recommend people not to follow. Some of the black hat SEO tactics include PBN backlinks creation, buying traffic for websites, spamming other websites, and more. You need to understand that SEO is a long-term tactic and it takes months and even years to optimize the website for given keywords. You should always stay away from black hat SEO practices because Google often penalizes such websites.  

Very little benefits with guaranteed SEO services

If a company is offering you guaranteed SEO services there must be several terms and conditions that might not be profitable for your business. For example, under the guaranteed SEO services, companies will tell you that they will only rank on keywords that they have decided. In reality, those keywords are long-tail keywords with no search volumes. So, practically it becomes possible to rank your website on such keywords because no one is searching for them. 

In this condition, the companies will only put initial efforts on your website and they will not put many efforts into organically growing your website’s traffic and authority. 

It can hurt your business

It is very much possible that guaranteed SEO services might hurt your website in terms of both search engine optimization and customer experience. If the company is using black hat tactics then there are high chances of facing a penalty. On the other side, If the SEO is implemented in a poor manner, it will result in a pathetic user experience that will increase the bounce rate. This will hurt the website’s overall ranking and domain authority. 

These were some important points about guaranteed SEO services that you should know about guaranteed SEO services. It’s highly recommended that you should only hire a professional company that gives you realistic milestones and results over a period of time. 

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