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How Long Does SEO Take To Get Results?

| August 25th, 2022 | 1675 Views


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The first question that everyone asks while hiring an SEO analyst is how long does it take to show results? Every business or digital marketing agency that is working on SEO needs quick results. But there are different time durations required for different SEO packages? Why is there no fixed duration required? And how can you determine how much time SEO will take to show results for your website? All these questions pop up in our mind while going for SEO campaigns. 

If you are also confused about SEO and the time that it needs, then you are here at the right place. Because here we will let you know everything about it. An article on the Forbes website claims that SEO takes 4 to 7 months to show results. Is it true? And what experts say about it? How professional digital marketing agencies are calculating the required time? Let’s find all these answers here in this post.

Why Is Everyone In a Hurry?

Before you start knowing more about the SEO services and the required duration. You need to know why everyone is in a hurry. The newcomers in the field want quick results. While the already established experts of the market don’t want quick results. Because they all believe in the long term and quality results. There are some black hat SEO tactics that claim to show you quick results. But they can negatively impact the health of your website. So you need white hat SEO tactics and they take time. So never be in a hurry while using SEO.

This Is Not How SEO Works

SEO works in a different way than you think. Some of the digital marketers or online businesses think that SEO means more time. They believe that the more time SEO will take, the more quality results it will show. However, SEO is not related to time. Yes, it is obvious that it takes more time than any other paid traffic grabbing method. But stretching your SEO campaign for a long period of time doesn’t mean that you will get better results. 

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Factors That Decide How Long SEO Takes

There are many factors that determine how long SEO takes to show results. It is not possible to include all the factors and micro factors here. But we can include all the major factors here to help you get an idea. Before we tell you more about these factors, let us tell you that there is no fixed time period required for SEO. Maybe it is a 6-month period for you and for someone else it takes more or less than six months. But you can consider the following factors to calculate the time required for your website’s SEO.

#1. Competition

Your SEO campaign will take more time if there is more competition in your sector. By saying sector, we mean that the keywords that you have chosen, the niche of your business website and the target audience that you have selected. More competition and competitors will lead you towards a time-consuming SEO campaign. If there is less competition then there will be less time required. So before asking this question again you should have a look at the competition.

#2. Content Quality

Only SEO is not going to take your site boosted on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Content is always the king in the digital marketing arena. If you don’t have good quality content, then you cannot rank your website at the top of the SERPs. So content quality also matters a lot. You can easily optimize your well written. However, it becomes hard for the SEO team to optimize low-quality content. You can still rank low-quality content, but search engines are not paying attention to low-quality content sites.

#3. Website Health

Your website has technical health. Before you start an SEO campaign on your website, you will conduct a technical SEO audit. In this audit, all the SEO flaws are revealed. If there are too many technical SEO issues on your website’s health, then the SEO campaign will take more time. However, if everything is in a good condition, then the SEO campaign will start showing you results shortly.

#4. Backlinks

Backlinks and their health is also an important thing to consider when SEO is taking too much time. SEO campaigns take different time duration because there are different types of backlinks. You need authentic backlinks for your website. If there are no healthy and authentic backlinks then there will be difficulties. 

#5. Expertise Of The SEO Team

The time required for an SEO campaign is also determined by the expertise of the SEO team who is working on the site. If there are no experts in the team, then chances are there that there will be so many mistakes happening. And more time will be required for recovery and reforming all the mistakes. More experience your SEO team has, less time will be required. 

#6. Website History

The history of your website is also important while ranking it for particular keywords. If your website is ever blacklisted by the search engines like Google or its crawlers, then there will be many issues. Websites with spamming history or negative comments will take more time to rank for keywords on SERPs. While old and authentic websites with a good reputation are considered seriously and quickly for search engine rankings. You must have to pay attention to this factor also. If your SEO campaign is taking more time then it means it has some issues in its history. Keep an eye on the history also while calculating the time for the SEO campaign. 

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How Duration Of SEO Is Calculated?

After considering all the factors that are included in the SEO campaign and its time requirement, you need to know how the duration of SEO campaigns is calculated. There are several ways you can calculate whether your SEO campaign is showing late results or not. Following are two important ways that are most widely used by most digital marketers.

Overall Goal

The first way to evaluate the success of your SEO campaign is the overall goal. What is your overall goal? If your overall goal is not yet achieved then you cannot say that your SEO campaign has completed. You have to calculate the time on the basis of the overall goal and its milestones. Suppose that you need ten thousand page views, so you can divide it into ten milestones of one thousand page views and track your SEO campaign this way.

KPIs On Timeline

Key performance indicators are also considered as a key metric to track the timing and the duration of an SEO campaign. If your SEO campaign is achieving all the KPIs one by one on a timeline, then you can easily track the duration. 

It is Not About The Time

Before you conclude all these things you need to know what search engines say about SEO and the time required by it. Google says that it takes from 4 months to a year to show up results for an SEO campaign. However, it is not about time. You must have to keep in mind that there are other factors that you need to consider rather than just time.

It is never clear how much time an SEO campaign will take. However, we can say that the estimated time that an SEO campaign needs is something from 4 months to a year. This assumption is made up according to the search engine recommendations and expert views. The duration of your SEO campaign depends upon various factors including your requirement, team expertise, website health & history, etc. 


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