facebook Meta Tags Creation: How Meta Tags Impact Your SEO
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Meta Tags Creation: How Meta Tags Impact Your SEO

| July 25th, 2023 | 1854 Views

Meta Tags Creation

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing practices and to gain the best results, the implementation has to be correct and as per the SEO standards. One important part of the SEO practices are meta tags creation that plays a winning role for any website. 

Meta tags help both search engine bots and users to understand the website in a much better way.  If you are new to search optimization practice and want to know in-depth about the meta tags, we have got you covered. In this comprehensive article, we will check out everything related to meta tags with their core advantages for any website.

What are meta tags?

The first thing that comes to our mind is that what exactly are these meta tags and where they are found on a website? In simple terms, meta tags are short and informative snippets of texts that tell search engines and humans what a page is about? These meta tags are not visible on the front end of the page as they are present at the source code of the page. All in all, they are the quick description of a web page to all the users and search engines. 

Here the word meta means data about the data of your page and these meta tags are located at the HTML head of the page. If you want to look for meta descriptions and other meta tags of any page, you need to open the source code of that web page. 

Are meta tags helpful for SEO?

Yes, whether a website is small or big, meta tags are extremely helpful for SEO services as it improves the understandability of the web page for search engines. When Google and other search engine bots arrive on a page and they crawl it, they also scan the meta tags for their reference. It helps them to know what is the purpose of the page and it also impacts the overall page ranking. 

When you include meta tags on your website, you are ultimately helping the search engines to crawl your website much faster and in a better manner. It is the main reason, having proper meta tags on your website plays a winning role for you and your digital marketing strategy

Meta Tags Classification

If we categorize the meta tags for better understanding, there are four major types. However, there are many but only focusing on these four can bring the maximum profitable results to your website. When you perform optimization accurately, there are high chances that the website will experience a surge in organic traffic. So, regardless of industry and company size, you need to pay attention to the following types of meta tags:

Meta Keywords

If you feel that some keywords are highly relevant to the page and you need search crawlers to know about them fast, you can use the meta keyword tag. It is recommended to include three to five keywords in the meta keywords section.

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Title Tag

This title tag is visible on the top of the browser when you open a particular page. It is known as the title tag and it’s very important to have it on your page. The best title tag creation practice is to keep the length between 55 to 60 characters. Also, include the main keyword of the page in the title. 

Meta Description

A meta description is the short description of a particular page and it tells both users and search bots about the purpose of the page. The recommended text length of meta description is around 160 characters and you can also put your important keywords into it. 

Meta Robots Attribute 

Meta robots are a type of indication for search bots when they come on a website. It instructs them what pages to crawl and which one to skip. 

Impact of meta tags on SEO

There is no doubt that these tags help a lot in pumping up the SEO efforts of your website. Below are some of the transforming advantages of meta tags for SEO and generating organic traffic. 

Meta tags bring more visibility

In this fast-paced world of the Internet where marketers are trying and testing out so many SEO practices to churn out the best one, having meta tags are important. Whether you optimize the old website pages or have created a special landing page to gain more leads. It’s critical to have separate meta tags for those pages. 

It will not only help you with better on-page practices but also help the search engines to index that changes faster. Most people forget to add meta descriptions to the landing pages that they create for special services or products. However, it’s always beneficial to add them and make the crawling process much more frequent. 

It improves SEO rankings

It’s an inevitable fact that having optimized meta tags improves search engine rankings drastically when it’s done in the right way. Most people only copy and paste a few lines from the page into the meta description section. However, it will bring minimum or even no benefits to that website. It’s always a smart move to prepare custom and original text snippets for this purpose. 

When someone searches for a particular keyword and that phrase is present in your website’s meta description, the chances of arriving on top positions improve. 

Meta Tags improve user experience

Yes, that’s correct that meta tags do improve the overall user experience as they get a quick glimpse of what’s inside the page. An optimized short description acts as an attraction to users to click and read more about the topic. Whatever platform you use for creating a website, always make sure you are including all the important meta tags for excellent optimization. 

Start creating meta tags now

The first rule while creating meta tags is to keep it simple, readable, and free from any complex and unnecessary jargon. The meta tags should be quick to scan for both readers and search bots. If you haven’t optimized your website for these tags, it’s high time to get started and boost the organic visibility of the website. 

If you have a website built on an HTML framework, then you need to insert all the respective meta tags manually to the pages. You will find the correct code snippet for doing this on the Internet. All you need to do is just paste that code snippets into the head of the HTML and let the search bots crawl the website again. 

On the other hand, if you are using a CMS like WordPress or Shopify, these platforms have an inbuilt feature to add these tags effortlessly. In These CMS, there are several plugins or apps available that key you put everything necessary related to the meta tags. From title to description to key phrases, you only need to create the custom snippets and paste them on every page. 

These were the top reasons why optimizing your site with meta tags is very important for higher rankings. If you don’t have an in-house team for performing the on-page SEO of the site then you can get a professional SEO package and get everything optimized for your website. Start optimizing the meta tags of your website not for better search engine rankings.

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