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How ORM Can Help To Remove Negative Reviews?

| March 22nd, 2022 | 1404 Views

ORM Can Help To Remove Negative Reviews

In this day and age where individuals are constantly using the web to search more about businesses, it has become essential for companies to have a positive reputation on the web. Companies are actively trying to maintain a dominating online presence on the web. Businesses have this pressure of delivering consistent services, as individuals won’t work with a business with a negative reputation. Therefore, how online reputation management can help to remove negative reviews is a necessary learning every brand is focusing on.

60% of individuals won’t do business with a company that has negative reviews and a business can easily lose out on a potential customer because of negative reception. A single negative Google review is most likely harmless but a single negative review can sometimes hamper a business’s brand. To get positive reviews and an authoritative online presence, businesses often resort to ORM services or online reputation management services.

In this blog, you’ll learn how ORM can help a company manage negative reviews on a review site, Google search engine result page, and social media. With a case study, you’ll understand how ORM services can benefit a business with an online reputation by actively managing reviews and controlling the sentiment towards a business.

What Are ORM Services And Why Are They Essential?

Online reputation management is all about handling a business’s reputation on the web. ORM is handled by digital marketing experts and they mainly try to handle online reviews of a company. A company can set up its in-house internet marketing department or get help from a digital marketing agency. Since its web reputation, digital marketing experts are well versed with ORM concepts and actively try to manage a business’s online presence positively.

Online reputation involves any activity that can help a company better its reputation or brand. ORM services are the measures that actively help a business present itself positively on the web. With such marketing tactics, a business helps itself in the following ways:

  1. With a good reputation online, people search directly for a brand name which can right away increase 50% of the organic traffic. A business with positive content, reviews, and reputation is searched directly by individuals. With potent ORM services, businesses can develop a brand reputation by managing feedback, online reviews, and by building a reputation on the web.
  2. Positive online reviews help a business create a positive impact and even elevate a business or a brand in the digital world. They even lead to good customer relationships. On the other hand, negative search results or any negative article associated with the business from a Google search can easily hamper a business’s reputation. For better web relations with its audience, a business has to highly rely on ORM services.
  3. With a simple Google search, a consumer can learn a ton about a business. A single, simple negative review is likely harmless. But with more search, within minutes, a consumer can know about a business with search and social media. If the online reputation of a business, doesn’t impress them, they are more than likely to avoid doing interacting with that business. So, ORM helps a business get standing on the web and establish trust and authority within the industry, with potential and current customers. This eventually also leads to boosted sales and revenue.
  4. Lastly, ORM services help individuals become aware of a business. ORM services put the business in front helping individuals understand what a business is about. Hence, with ORM services, businesses make an effort to interact with their audience and implement a two-way conversation. Moreover, businesses share information and allow individuals to react, and steer conversations. With active ORM services, businesses create a personalized effect on people and thus, create a positive reputation and manage it simultaneously. Therefore, actively listening to customer feedback is an important measure of ORM services.

How Negative Reviews Are Managed With ORM Services?

Negative reviews create a bad impact on customers. As stated above, people do pay attention to what others are saying about a business. With increasing usage and people relying on the web for information, people are vigilant with who they want to do business with. Therefore, to remove bad reviews, businesses take active steps with ORM as it is of value in today’s digital world.

Smart businesses know that’s the case, and hence, they take their online reputation seriously and actively focus on minimizing the damage from negative reception. A positive review requires work from every end and ORM comes with a ton of benefits for every business.

Therefore, companies that actively manage negative reviews are at a level with their online reputation management. A bad review or fake reviews, all review should be taken care of with ORM services.

For instance, one of our clients, Sposen Homes was actively trying to get an online reputation in the USA market. They specifically needed productive, efficacious strategies to get their name out in Cape Coral, Fort Myers Florida, USA. They were struggling with negative reviews, all-around negative content and were not getting the results expected.

With our experience and understanding, we focused on removing the negative reviews from Google or more specifically from the business’s SERP(Search Engine Result Page). With our ORM expertise, we were able to change the complete look of the business on Google search results and negative content was largely minimized.

Most importantly, we were able to hide negative reviews on specific keywords that were initially getting highlighted on the first page. With our efforts, they weren’t even in the top 20 search results. Thus, with ORM services, Sposen Homes SERP looked much better than before, thus boosting, their brand reputation and authority.

Sposen homes

Therefore, with negative reviews, it’s best to remove them, or better else, manage them. The ways to manage or remove negative reviews are:

  1. If it’s possible to remove negative or fake reviews, instantly remove them. If not, stacking positive feedback on top of negative ones is the standard strategy adopted. Good, positive reviews can push the negative reviews down, thus, ensuring brand reputation in the process.
  2. It’s also essential to respond to negative comments. A business, no matter how perfect or huge will have negative reviews. One easy way is to deal with negative reviews is by responding to them professionally. If a customer review is inappropriate, you can then flag it. However, if not, it’s best you listen, understand and respond to customer complaints. Therefore, every review is important and should be replied to. Doing so would represent your business as someone who listens and values its customers. Plus, it is a type of customer service for an unhappy customer that is more than likely to feel appreciated with your professional response to their complaint.
  3. Always mention the action you’re going to take after responding to negative comments. No individual just wants a plain apology. They want specific steps or actions for a bad experience. Giving answers, and telling the users what to expect after a bad experience is a way to go.
  4. Lastly, it’s important to monitor and review any brand mentions. For such activities, it’s best to use listening tools to look out for negative content that may be done unintentionally from your end. Any activity could lead to destroying the brand’s reputation. It could be a post or a comment that may seem harmless but can trigger the audience. Hence, it’s important to clear any misunderstanding and clear the air before any unnecessary damage happens. Fake negative reviews are especially to be taken care of.

Taking all these advanced steps helps a business in managing public relations. Happy customers build a business reputation that’s unlikely to break and if done right, only strengthens with time. Thus, a vital reputation management service strategy can do wonders for any business.

How To Handle Social Crisis On Social Media?

In times of crisis, especially in the social media world, customers can easily outrage on the web and a business’s reputation could get hurt because of the negative feedback on a social media platform. A negative online review looks bad on any business.

Multiple businesses have received the wrath of their audience and audience outburst on social media leading to a sharp increase in negative perception or reviews. It is in those times, an online reputation management strategy could easily help a business. Some of the ways to manage immediate outbursts of customers on social media are:

  1. Stop all active digital campaigns. It’s best to listen and then respond aptly but swiftly. There’s no point in responding when the ship has sailed. Therefore, complete attention should be on handling the social crisis.
  2. A professional, well-rounded response to handle the audience is what a brand should focus on. It should come early and with a sympathetic and understanding tone.
  3. Lastly, it’s important to remain professional than to get carried away with the public outrage. Brands make rash decisions or say something unnecessary when stuck in a situation as such. So, remaining calm and coming up with a prompt, and accurate response is one way to calm down the crowd and reduce the damage of reputation.

Hence, ORM management services go beyond the SERP and even extend to social media, especially for bigger brands. Therefore, actively managing and navigating web reputation involves ORM activities beneficial for any brand of any size.


With all the actions mentioned in this blog, a business can appropriately manage negative reception and reviews on SERP and social media. Therefore, it’s important to handle negative reviews healthily. A learning curve with improved services, is what would prove to be the best defense against negative reception in the long run for any business. However, for a shorter, immediate action, ORM services can also prove to be handy as with the steps explained in this blog. In any situation, ORM services are a continuous job that requires constant check and improvement at all times, as web reputation should remain spotless.

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