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How An SEO Company Creates Client Reports?

| September 13th, 2023 | 1417 Views

Client Reports

A professional from an SEO Company in India creates client reports to communicate the direction that a client’s SEO campaign is taking. They are more often provided monthly but can vary depending on the situation. A professional SEO company is a specialist in creating client reports that are easy for the clients to comprehend. This blog works as a guide on how expert SEO companies create client reports that can be easily understood by anyone.

What Are Client Reports And Why Are They Necessary?

SEO companies provide client reports that help a client understand where their SEO campaigns or a campaign is headed. A client report explains to a client how an SEO agency is managing their company’s SEO.

Client reports allow an SEO company and a client to communicate. It includes various parameters such as bounce rate, website traffic, and more deciding on which campaigns can be optimized. Client reports are provided on behalf of the SEO agency to clients and are often a part of their SEO services.

They are deemed necessary as these reports measure various parameters of an SEO campaign. Based on these reports, observations can be made that allow for improvements. With these reports, a campaign’s direction can be changed and optimized, if required. Therefore, client reports open a dialogue between a client and an SEO company, and based on these reports, observations, and improvements can be made as such.

How Do SEO Companies Prepare Client Reports?

SEO companies have a specialized way of creating reports. Though the specifics can vary, the overall, process pretty much remains the same. The steps that are taken are:

1. Determination Of Goals

Firstly, SEO agencies determine what their client wants or what objectives do they have in mind. Usually, client goals are decided in the initial stage of the discussion or at the seed of an SEO campaign. To measure SEO, parameters should be set and the client and an SEO agency decide what needs to be measured. With a clear goal in mind, actions are executed, and then only relevant metrics are measured.

For example, if it’s about visibility, impressions are measured. Website traffic is the obvious metric if a client wants to measure new or repeating visitors on their website.

Understanding what needs to be measured makes it easy for both clients and SEO companies to interpret the data. Client report creation also becomes easy for the SEO agency.

Interpretation of data in a sequential manner, or the desired direction, makes an SEO client report effective. It’s easy to draw insights from it.

Deciding on metrics helps in building a strategy and optimizing for it. It’s easier for the clients to see results, that matter, instead of some vanity metrics. This also makes it easy for the SEO company to report to clients.

Not just the metrics but SEO companies even explain what steps they have taken to achieve a specific goal or number. Historic data is also a part of the report to show improvement or growth.

2. Decision On KPI’s

SEO companies offer reports that include numbers, or measurable goals. Such companies don’t go for anything shady. They present relevant data as it is.

Even if the numbers are low, or some metric is experiencing fluctuation, they present it as it is. It’s very common in SEO for the numbers to go up or down. SEO companies present numbers or data that can be tracked and measured over time. KPIs vary from client to client as the requirement varies. However, there are some important KPIs that are usually measured some of which are:

1. Traffic

Website traffic is every client’s demand. They want to know where they’re getting maximum traffic from, where the traffic goes, and answers to other relevant questions as well. Usually, measuring traffic is majorly divided into two:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Search

Knowing the direct or referral traffic, and including them in reports allows an SEO company to represent a clear traffic report picture to any client. SEO companies use tools such as Google Analytics to measure the website traffic of some clients. They, then use the same tool to create a report.

2. Engagement

Engagement is a relevant KPI that explains how the audience reaching on the website interacts with website elements. One thing to measure is bounce rate. Bounce rate defines the percentage of individuals that leave the website without any interaction.

A bounce rate, therefore tells a lot about user experience and that explains engagement. Average session duration, time on the website are other important parameters that explain user engagement. Measuring KPIs like engagement is performed page by page by most professional SEO companies.

3. Keyword Performance

“Are we ranking?” is a crucial question asked by every individual client. To have this answer, keywords should perform well, and to measure this, SEO companies consider keyword performance as an essential KPI.

Keyword performance also shows the most well-performing keywords. Not just this, but the average target keyword position can also be determined with this KPI.

SEO companies measure these KPIs, and more in their reports, and draw observations and conclusions based on such data.

3. Report Building And Sharing

There are two ways to create a report, one is automatic, and the other one is manual. Usually, automatic reports are based on an SEO template that displays the chosen metrics. Even automatic email dispatches can be set up. SEO companies use both automatic and manual report creation.

With manual report creation, most software has the same process and requires a set of steps. The steps are as follows:

  1. Usually, SEO agencies first open an audit or a digital marketing tool like Google Analytics where they’ve collected the data.
  2. They collect all SEO metrics and set the right KPIs.
  3. Then, the time frame is set and exporting of data into an Excel file is completed.
  4. Companies then set the layout or design of the report and present it in a PDF file.
  5. Finally, they export the report as a PDF and send it to the client’s email.
  6. The process is repeated as and when required.


This blog explains the complete process of how an SEO company creates a client report. These reports can specifically, vary from one client to another but the process remains the same. For better data analysis, businesses often get their SEO report developed by an SEO company. For more thorough and professional answers, an SEO company provides convincing reports that are easy to read and interpret.

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