facebook What Is Discord And Why This Platform Is Vital For Marketing?
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What Is Discord And Why This Platform Is Vital For Marketing?

| November 24th, 2022 | 1253 Views

What Is Discord

Discord is a free service digital community platform that allows individuals to interact or communicate. The platform lets people chat, engage in video calls, screen share, and do more with their friends or community. It’s a powerful community management tool that has made a name for itself in the internet social sphere.

With its increasing usage, marketers are now looking at Discord as a powerful marketing tool. This blog explains how Discord can be used by marketers in their digital marketing strategy and how can they better utilize this social platform.

The Basics Of Discord

This platform allows individuals to connect via video calls, text, screen sharing, and more. With that being said, Discord users can create public or private servers. Private servers have specific invite links that expire in 7 days. These servers can have public or private channels that are denoted by the symbol(#).

Discord like other community-based social platforms also allows sending alerts with @here or @everyone. Stickers, emojis, and gif sharing standard features are also available in Discord.

Discord has an active user base of 150 million monthly active users. Today, the platform is more than just a gamer’s social community platform and is used by people of all interests. It has various pricing packages that come with different features just like any other platform.

How Can Discord Be Part Of A Digital Marketing Strategy

How Is Discord Different?

What sets Discord apart is its customization. Any action that’s carried out can be achieved with high customization. Hence, sending invites, alerts, with determining access channels makes any activity quite specific. Groups can be set up where moderators can be assigned to manage the group and multiple other roles can be set up that come with their access.

Apart from the usual texting, Discord has incredible audio and voice quality. Individual users can toggle such settings and have other accesses as well. Some settings, users can manipulate are:

  • Volume
  • Inviting users to other servers if you have access
  • Assigning roles and more

Paid Discord accounts have many other unique features that expand on the available standard feature set.

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How Can Discord Be Part Of A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Discord is all about creating a community that allows for marketing to blossom. Streams, events, crowd-funded events, all can be set up quite conveniently in a matter of time. Collaboration opportunities are possible as well. With a customized reach, any marketer can use this platform to their benefit. They can channel it as they wish.

It’s easier to get real-time product feedback with Discord. Discord makes it easy to create and market a brand through customization, and control.

The important thing to know is if your ideal audience uses Discord? If you have an answer to this question and the answer is yes, then, you must use Discord as a social marketing tool. There are majorly two ways through which Discord can be used for marketing:

  • Customer Community Group
  • Events And Live Streams

Customer Community Group

Discord’s channel, threads, and roles set up a great marketing hub. If a business is launching a new product, or service and wants to keep tabs on customer perception or reaction, Discord can be the perfect platform.

For a branded experience, Discord allows customization and offers a high brand value chance. With a group setup, you can instantly sell products or services to a group of target individuals.

Real-time pings can be set up with Discord. Everything happens in an instant and, thus, Discord marketing relies less on open rates, or any messaging influence, and more on real-time impact and feedback.

With this social platform, it’s also convenient to standardize time zones, do any automation, or moderate content.

Events And Live Streams

Discord’s live event can market any product or service in a matter of seconds. Events and live streams are now actively getting used by marketers to push their services or products to the masses.

Discord is better than multiple webinar platforms as it allows screen sharing, moving folks to a new server, modulating user audio settings, and more. The control that a moderator possesses in Discord is far better than other webinar platforms.

It’s convenient to set up a virtual tech event with Discord. Channels become sponsor hubs and networking areas, meanwhile, the attendees can get roles based on their passes.

Live streams can be one giant event or broken into series or parts, day-per-day. The creativity that marketers can bring with Discord features is endless.

Note: Keep in mind, Discord yet doesn’t have a native advertising platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. However, you can find servers that market themselves as marketing channels for your server.


With all the features, Discord can become a vital platform in any marketing campaign. The platform allows unique features and with time, it’s expected more and more marketers will utilize Discord for their marketing campaigns. The free version itself has such unique features that not everyone will require paid versions. Discord’s free version can suffice the internet marketing needs of many businesses. The control with community management that Discord offers is unlikely to be currently found in the market. Thus, Discord is a vital marketing platform that if well utilized can bring great results to any marketing campaign.

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