facebook How Do SEO Resellers Perform White Hat SEO To Boost Rankings?
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How Do SEO Resellers Perform White Hat SEO To Boost Rankings?

| May 1st, 2024 | 1397 Views

Genuine SEO Resellers bring a ton of benefits to any digital marketing agency they’re partnering with. One huge advantage that they bring is that they offer White Hat SEO services. However, some still don’t understand what White Hat means and how do resellers offer such services. To understand this extensively, read this blog till the end so that all of your doubts and queries are cleared, once and for all.

What Is White Hat SEO And Why Is It Even Important?

Simply speaking, White Hat SEO consists of SEO techniques that abide by the guidelines of Google. Nothing is ‘hack’ or ‘illegal’ when it comes to White Hat SEO practices. Every search engine has rules that a website must follow to rank organically. If you’re abiding by those laws, you’re implementing white hat SEO practices. White Hat SEO practices involve user intent content creation, mobile-friendly websites, keyword-rich header tags and meta descriptions, and more.

SEO Resellers being professional SEO experts are well aware of these practices. It’s their daily practice as that is how they achieve rankings for the clients of a digital marketing firm. They actively avoid any Black Hat SEO practices that are targeted toward the search engines instead of the user. Black Hat SEO practices include link purchasing, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, and more. Such techniques can even get a website banned from a search engine such as Google.

Therefore, to avoid all such dangers, White Hat SEO tactics are adopted that constantly allow a business to boost rankings and increase search traffic without ever getting banned from Google. It’s the organic, unpaid internet marketing that search engines permit businesses to follow.

Keep in mind, though, that the criteria for White Hat SEO evolve with time. Think of it this way, what’s legal now, might become illegal in 5 years. So, what’s White Hat SEO now can become Black Hat SEO? Therefore, the best advice often followed by Resellers is that they focus on creating websites or content for the users instead of bots.

Anything that’s done to provide value to the user is White Hat and anything done for the bots can change depending on Google guidelines and can get classified as Black Hat or are already Black Hat. Also, White Hat SEO techniques are evergreen which makes a website rank higher and longer. Search engine optimization Resellers often advocate and practice such practices for a digital marketing agency’s clients. They are well aware of the price that comes with executing Black Hat SEO practices, so, they avoid such practices altogether.

What Are Some White Hat SEO Practices Followed By SEO Resellers?

SEO Resellers always practice SEO solutions that are sustainable, hence, they only execute White Hat SEO practices. Some of the White Hat SEO practices followed by Resellers are:

1. Create Quality Content Valuable To Users

First and foremost, SEO Resellers create content that provides value to the customers of a business. They make sure to create content that’s targeted at humans and not bots. Search engine optimization Resellers have content specialists, content writers, and On-Page SEO experts all of which help the readers get answers to their queries.

SEO Resellers make sure to provide more value in content than other websites which is why content produced by them ranks higher. They tend to write content that focuses on answering user intent, design pages that are easy to skim, avoid keyword stuffing, and have a clear structure, all of which help them create valuable content for users.  Valuable content is often ranked higher by Google which also leads to more traffic on the website. Thus, creating such content has multiple benefits.

2. Valuable User Experience

With the recent and newer updates, Google is consistently emphasizing on-page experience. Page experience will be a crucial ranking factor across all platforms. Therefore, the search engine is actively looking for the usability of a website and how the user perceives it. These are essential ranking factors that SEO Resellers are well aware of.

SEO Resellers offer high engagement and a strong user experience for a digital marketing agency’s clients so that the website of a client ranks consistently higher. They ensure to fasten the processing time of a website as they know today’s web users are impatient. They design, develop and present content in such a way that increases engagement which further leads to sales and revenue, thus ensuring user experience.

They also ensure that the website is SSL certified, works on all browsers, website technical elements are optimized, and more. Technical SEO experts, UI/UX designers, and web developers are part of SEO Reseller teams that ensure the website provides a quality user experience.

3. On-Page SEO Optimization

Search engines analyze specific elements of the pages to rank them, some of which are:

  1. Header Tags
  2. Internal Links
  3. External Links
  4. Title Tag
  5. Meta Description
  6. And more

Usually, Resellers have a team of On-Page SEO experts that ensure that these elements of pages are optimized as per Google guidelines. Header tags help present the content of a page crisply. Internal links point to relevant sources on the website which increases engagement. Title tags and meta descriptions tell the search engines as well as the user what the intent of a page is.

All these factors are optimized and taken care of by an SEO Reseller with a team of On-Page SEO experts that allows them to optimize the website of a digital marketing agency’s clients, which leads to more traffic and thus, more sales and revenue.

4. Genuine, High DA Backlinks

Resellers don’t include Black Hat SEO link-building strategies and build a solid link portfolio for a company’s clients. Creating premium links can include Guest blogging, Press Release, Podcast distribution, and more.

Good Search engine optimization Resellers offer natural backlinks that are of high quality that genuinely bring traffic to a website. It’s that traffic that usually converts and leads to encouraging revenue or sales.

An SEO Reseller also consists of professionals who are aware of vital Off-Page SEO tactics. Therefore, they are vigilant and experts at acquiring premium backlinks from high-authority websites by sharing quality content.


SEO Resellers have all the knowledge, awareness, and expertise to provide White Hat SEO services. They have the right individuals, tools, and experience when it comes to serving the different needs of various businesses and domains. The vital thing to make sure of is to find a genuine SEO Reseller who has the team, expertise, and experience to back all of this. To conclude, a good Reseller provides only White Hat SEO services to the clients of an internet marketing agency and does it convincingly because of all the resources in hand.

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