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The Pros And Cons Of Working With An SEO Reseller

| July 14th, 2023 | 1369 Views

Pros And Cons Of Working With An SEO Reseller

Digital marketing agencies sometimes provide SEO services to their clients with the help of an SEO Reseller. This arrangement is especially required if the digital marketing agency is new. However, with an SEO Reseller there are pros and cons that as a digital marketing agency, one should know. So, if you’re a digital marketing agency and are confused as to whether you should work with an SEO Reseller or not, this blog will serve as the ultimate guide.

Pros Of Working With An SEO Reseller

With an agreement with an SEO Reseller, a digital marketing agency can benefit in several ways some of which are:

1. Clients Get All The Latest Services

Yes, an SEO Reseller consists of a team of experts that are well aware of the latest trends in SEO. So, your clients get all the newest SEO services from experts. Therefore, by providing quality services, you are increasing your clientele simply by getting an SEO Reseller onboard.

Applying new and advanced tactics for your client’s campaigns will improve their rankings and search traffic. Doing the best work for your clients will boost your market reputation and credibility as a digital marketing agency.

2. You Save Up On Your Time

SEO is a full-time job. It requires time, tactics, data analysis, and dedication to get some results from the campaigns. No one is an expert at everything, so if you as a digital marketing agency, currently don’t have the expertise in providing SEO services, you shouldn’t waste your time.

Digital marketing is a broad domain with various disciplines. Usually, when digital marketing agencies begin, they don’t have the resources to provide full-stack digital marketing solutions. If you can’t provide SEO services, it’ll take a ton of your time to learn SEO and deliver client projects. Instead, handing it over to the experts is a smarter choice.

3. Grow On Your Client Base With White Label SEO Services

The market is competitive and delivering sub-par work for your clients won’t work. The algorithms keep on shifting and new SEO tactics are required for any business to dominate the market. With an SEO Reseller, your digital marketing agency can benefit a ton.

An SEO Reseller does the client SEO work, meanwhile, you, as a digital marketing agency bringing the clients gets the credit. It’s a white label partnership in which the reseller never reveals their identity to your clients. Therefore, it’s a profitable partnership that benefits you as well as the reseller. By delivering quality to your clients, you’ll start getting more clients as your market reputation increases.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions

Digital marketing agencies save a lot on their money when they work with an SEO Reseller. You can save your money as you get SEO services without having anything in-house.

You exclude your SEO training costs, hiring costs, and most importantly get all quality services for your clients without having any in-house setup. SEO tools are expensive but you don’t have to worry about buying SEO tools for your clients as premium SEO Resellers already have access to these types of tools.

You provide quality, up-to-date services for your clients without an in-house setup, all at a cheaper cost.

5. You Can Focus On Your Core Niche Without Worrying About Scalability

With an SEO Reseller taking care of your client’s SEO requirements, you have the time to focus on your expertise or core competency. You shouldn’t be doing SEO if you’re not good at it. If you’re good with PPC, SMO, Client acquisition, better focus on that instead of SEO.

When you focus on what you’re good at, you deliver the best for your clients. At the same time adding an SEO Reseller allows you to expand your services to your clients. You can get an SEO Reseller for SEO services and brand them as your own to your clients.

With this arrangement, you keep a balance of delivering quality to your clients alongside expanding on your services.

Cons Of Working With An SEO Reseller

With all the positives there are certainly some negatives that can come when associating yourself with an SEO Reseller. Some of the downsides are discussed below:

  • You can lose control over some of the aspects of your business. Think about it, you’re outsourcing your client’s SEO work to an SEO Reseller. You obviously, don’t have as much control as you would have had if you would’ve done it yourself. It can lead to communication troubles and can even hamper some campaigns if they don’t handle the job well.
  • Implementing certain changes can also become an issue. Having things done in-house certainly has its benefits. The changes can be implemented quickly with clear and effective instructions.

How To Avoid The Negatives Of Working With An SEO Reseller?

The simple answer is choosing the right SEO Reseller. SEO Reseller services can certainly benefit your business if you choose the right SEO Reseller for your business. Think of an SEO Reseller as an in-house SEO department without having one.

Certainly, there are no perfect SEO resellers as such. However, successful SEO Resellers do exhibit specific traits some of which are discussed below:

  • Professional SEO Resellers have a quick yet reasonable TAT(Turnaround Time). They are effective at communication and do the work intended on time.
  • Most importantly, they have a solid market reputation. They get industrial references, and themselves have a brilliant web or social presence. Their client testimonials and reviews speak for themselves and they have all the achievements displayed on their website.
  • Such an SEO Reseller provides new, or advanced SEO tactics that help a client’s website remain relevant at all times. They are knowledgeable, change with the changing times and provide effective services.


So, SEO Resellers have more pros than cons and if you are wise in finding the right SEO reseller partner for your business, you are taking a giant lead towards success as a digital marketing agency. Finding the right SEO Reseller partner can prove to be fruitful for any digital marketing agency and can benefit both the reseller and the digital marketing agency in the long run.