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How SEO Resellers Models Work

| May 1st, 2024 | 1925 Views

How SEO Resellers Models Work

Some agencies are not aware of the work model, while some think that it is not suitable for them but the major reason is familiarity. Most of the SEO agencies are not familiar with reseller programs. Before you choose an SEO reseller program, you need to know more about this work model. Here we are going to tell you more about this work model and how you can get more out of this work mode.

This Is How SEO Reseller Model Works

Here we will let you know how you will work with an SEO digital agency that provides reseller programs. The complete process is clearly mentioned here in the below-mentioned steps.

Choosing The Right SEO Reseller

The first step is to find the right SEO resellers agency for you. As a small agency, you are going to provide your clients with an SEO service bought from someone else. That is why the quality of the service is very important. Perform the following steps to choose the right SEO resellers

Go Through List Of Services

Firstly you need to choose an SEO reseller program provider. Now you have to go through the list of services that SEO resellers provide to the agencies. You have to check whether they provide all kinds of services related to SEO or they have something missing.

See If There Is Any Contract

Maybe you don’t want to be bound yourself in a contract but many companies are offering contracts for SEO resellers. You have to check whether they have a flexible SEO reseller program or they offer a contract.

See Pricing

Pricing is also important to consider and you need to know whether they provide affordable services or they offer expensive packages.

Ask For White Label Service

White labeling is also important. Because as a reseller you don’t want to promote someone else’s brand name. If you want to promote your brand name, then you can simply ask for a white label service.

Looking For Clients

Now you have your reseller partner program signed with an SEO company. Now you have to find some clients for you. You can look for clients through online advertising, or you can pitch directly. You can also follow up on your previous clients. 

Ask Their Requirements

First of all, you need to ask the client about his/her requirements. Ask them what they actually require. Whether they want technical SEO, on-page SEO, or off-page SEO. Keep a record of all of their requirements. 

Ask Their Budget

Asking for the budget that the client has is really important. Because there are very few chances to resell something which is out of their budget. That is why you need to ask their budget before selling them anything. 

Tell Them Pricing

Offer them pricing which is suitable for them. Asking their budget doesn’t mean you have to resell anything within the budget. You can tell them how affordable your quality services are. Or you can simply offer them fewer services under their budget. 

Choose The Right Services

Now is the right time to choose the best SEO services for your client. You have their requirements, budget, and preferences. Now you just pick up the best services. 

Communicate With Reseller

The first thing you need to do is to communicate with the reseller or SEO service provider. You have to tell them everything about the client’s requirements. From required SEO tasks to budget and from deadline to preferences, mention everything. 

Ask Them To Customize

If you feel that your client won’t be happy with what the SEO provider offers. Then you can ask your SEO provider to customize its services according to the client.

Provide Services To Clients

Now the final step is to provide the services to your client. You don’t have to worry about anything because your provider will provide services. But you have to do some activities as follows.

Give Deadlines

Give a deadline to your service provider and let your client know about it. 

Submit Progress Reports

You have to get all the progress reports from service providers and submit them to your clients.

Finish Work With Reports

After finishing the SEO work, you need to get reports with results. Now send these reports to clients too. 

Get Paid 

After you have submitted the progress reports to the clients. You have to get paid by your client. You will get your profits in hand just doing nothing. 

The SEO resellers model is not hard to understand as this model simply works on the basic principle of reselling. The extra features of this service are that you will get white label services. You will have a chance to promote yourself as a big agency with white label SEO services. Choosing the right SEO provider and right services is the most important thing. After that resell services to your clients and make money easily. 

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