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How to Create An Impressive SEO Proposal For New Client?

| November 21st, 2022 | 1302 Views

Do you think that sending your simple brochure will convert prospects into new SEO clients? Then you are wrong here because a proposal is required if you want to impress your prospects. SEO proposals are different from other business proposals. There are a lot of things that you need to customize. Sometimes agencies or SEO reseller download some templates and then add their basic information and send it to prospects. 

If you are also facing issues preparing SEO proposals for new clients, then here you are at the right place. We will let you know how you can create an impressive SEO proposal. We will tell you why you need a proposal and why you need to make it impressive. After that, we will help you learn step by step to prepare an SEO proposal for a new client.

Why Do You Need A Proposal?

Without a proposal, you cannot impress your prospects. Without impressing your prospects it will be difficult for you to convert prospects into new clients. Your prospects won’t be satisfied and convinced with just a brochure of your SEO Company. They need to know everything in detail. Also, they want something customized. So to ensure that they get the satisfaction you need a professional, attractive and impressive proposal. 

What Makes A Proposal Impressive?

Before you start proposing SEO prospects, you need to know about them. What do you think is most important for your proposal? There are so many things that make a proposal more impressive. Following are some major factors that you have to keep in your mind while creating an impressive SEO proposal. 


Your SEO proposal should be made with the help of a template. If your proposal is not in a uniform format, then it won’t look great. So you need to get a template for it.


Transparency in the information provided by you in the SEO proposal is required. You need to win the confidence of your prospects and it can only be done with the help of transparency. 


The tone of your SEO proposal should be soothing and appealing. If you are not good at writing appealing content, then you must hire someone who can write in an appealing tone.


Benefits that your prospect will get, should be highlighted in the SEO proposal. The benefits are the key element that clients will look for in the proposal. 

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Steps To Create An Impressive SEO Proposal

Now let’s start creating an impressive SEO proposal for your SEO clients. There are many ways to create an impressive SEO proposal. Different agencies create proposals in different ways. But here we are with the simple but effective way to create an impressive SEO proposal. 

  • STEP 1: Interrogate A Little Bit
  • STEP 2: Use A Template
  • STEP 3: Give 100% In Summary
  • STEP 4: Add Deliverables
  • STEP 5: Keep Everything Under A Timeline
  • STEP 6: Take Them Into Your Confidence
  • STEP 7: Make Pricing Offer Transparent
  • STEP 8: Get Legal Side Prepared
  • STEP 9: Send It To Your Prospect

STEP 1: Interrogate A Little Bit

The first step is to interrogate your prospects. When you are interacting with your prospect for the first time, you need to ask a lot of questions. However, you have to keep in mind that you should not ask unnecessary questions. Asking questions will help you know more about the requirements of your client. 

What Questions To Ask?

Now the question is, what questions do you need to ask? There are different questions asked by different SEO analysts or SEO agencies. For a basic SEO proposal, you need to ask more about the requirements of the client. The requirements, goals and budget are the three important and necessary factors that you will require in your proposal. 

STEP 2: Use A Template

The second step is to use a template. There can be many templates available for SEO proposals online. But you can also prepare one template for yourself. There are free templates also, that you can just download and use for your proposal preparation. 

How To Choose The Best Template?

You may worry about how to choose the best template? The best way to choose a template is to compare all of them. You have to compare the format, design, usability and more importantly customization. Choosing a customizable template will allow you to make it look like your brand identity. 

STEP 3: Give 100% In Summary

Maybe some experts will tell you to write a summary at last. But you have to add a summary at the beginning of your SEO proposal. Maybe your prospects don’t have enough time to go through the complete proposal. In such cases, prospects will look for the summary. So you need to write a summary which reflects your proposal completely. 

STEP 4: Add Deliverables

What will you deliver to your client if he/she avails of your service? You must have to include everything in the SEO proposal that you will be delivering. All the services, tasks, tools, reports should be mentioned clearly in the SEO proposal. 

STEP 5: Keep Everything Under A Timeline

Time is crucial for any SEO campaign. Your prospects may need to know what time it will take to complete an SEO task. They may also need to know what time is required to show results. All these things will be mentioned in the proposal if you keep everything under a timeline. 

STEP 6: Take Them Into Your Confidence

You have to take your prospects into your confidence. You have to tell them that you are capable enough to complete all the SEO tasks mentioned in the SEO proposal. Don’t add anything to a proposal that you cannot achieve or accomplish in reality. Some SEO agencies mentioned a lot of things in the SEO proposal. But when it comes to reality, they fail to provide all the services. In such cases, SEO agencies lose confidence in their clients. That is why you need to take them into your confidence. 

STEP 7: Make Pricing Offer Transparent

Pricing is very important for your SEO clients. They want everything under the budget. You have to keep their budget in mind while creating an offer for them. No doubt you can make an offer which exceeds their budget. But you have to be very transparent about the pricing. Also, you can give them alternate offers if they don’t like your major offer price or cost. 

STEP 8: Get Legal Side Prepared

The legal side of your proposal is also very important. It makes everything clear and transparent. Along with this, it gives an authentic look to your SEO proposal. The legal side of your SEO proposal will include the terms and conditions of your service. Along with this, you have to add an E-signature to your proposal. 

STEP 9: Send It To Your Prospect

Now your SEO proposal is ready to go. You have to check all the parts of the SEO proposal again carefully. A mistake in your proposal can make it less impressive. Mistakes and errors will give you a bad impression. So check it and send it to your prospects. 

Writing an impressive SEO proposal takes time and dedication. But more importantly, it needs proper format, content, style and appealing tone. All of these things make an SEO proposal look more attractive and impressive. What is the goal of your SEO proposal? Of course, an SEO proposal has a goal to convert prospects into clients, right? To make it happen for your SEO service provider, you need to consider SEO proposals more seriously. Above mentioned steps will help you a lot while creating an SEO proposal for your prospects.

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