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How To Become A Professional SEO Reseller?

| November 21st, 2022 | 776 Views

Become A Professional SEO Reseller

Becoming an SEO Reseller can prove to be advantageous as you get to partner with other digital marketing agencies. Being an SEO Reseller, you get an opportunity to serve the clients of another digital marketing agency. It’s a profitable decision that benefits you as well as the digital marketing agency that’s bringing you the clients. However, you must provide quality to their clients, or else your SEO Reseller services can quickly experience a downward spiral.

This blog will educate you on how to become a better SEO Reseller. Even if you’re just starting with SEO Reseller services, this blog serves as a perfect guide.

What Are White Label SEO Reseller Services?

With White Label SEO Reseller services, a digital marketing agency brings you the clients while you do the work. With every work you do, the credit goes to the digital marketing agency that’s bringing you the SEO work for their clients. It’s understandable as that’s how the market works. Only then some digital marketing agency will be willing to work with you as an SEO Reseller. There’s no point when you reveal your identity to their clients openly. That’s of no use to the digital marketing agency bringing you the clients.

SEO Reseller programs are, therefore, never done for credit. They are done to better relationships with other digital marketing agencies, build market trust, and to make more money. Building better relationships with other digital marketing agencies open new ventures for businesses, and you can even ask them for any service, later on, if required. No one is an expert at everything and with trust and exchange of services with other businesses, a business gets built. That’s how it works and SEO Reseller services are no exception.

So, getting the work done and not revealing your identity to the clients of a digital marketing agency qualifies you as a White Label SEO Reseller.

Things To Consider To Become An SEO Reseller

To become an efficient White label SEO Reseller there are a few other things you have to keep in mind:

1. Be Transparent And Effective At Communication

First and foremost, have a quick TAT(Turnaround Time) on the projects. In case, you’re experiencing some difficulties, communicate with the digital marketing agency. It is with trust, a digital marketing agency hands over their client’s work to you.

Being effective at communication allows the digital marketing agency to be answerable to its clients. Ineffective communication can decrease market trust in your SEO Reseller business.

Also, keep the digital marketing agency aware of the progress or the work you’re doing on their client’s SEO campaigns. Hence, building regular SEO campaign reports under their brand name is the key.

Even initially, being open and candid about your expertise is essential, so that later you don’t face any trouble. This is a soft yet essential skill and you should use professional project management tools to stay in touch with the digital marketing agencies bringing you clients.

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2. Offer Cutting-Edge SEO Services

In SEO, it’s crucial to remain updated with your skills. SEO is an evolving field and new changes are constantly being made. With those changes businesses require new and advanced services to remain ahead of the competition.

Today, featured snippets, video marketing, podcasts are all part of potent SEO services. You should offer these services alongside offering some basic ones such as link building, content creation, distribution, etc. With changing algorithms, effective SEO tactics change as well and being a professional SEO Reseller, it’s your responsibility to offer these services.

Also, as a business scales their business requirement changes. It is also for this reason you require flexible SEO services so that for a clients’ changing business, you have all the organic internet marketing solutions ready.

3. Build A Professional Team

Certainly, to provide advanced SEO services, you need to have a professional team. Being an SEO Reseller, you are like an in-house team for the digital marketing agencies getting you the clients.

To provide SEO services, you need to have professionals who can deliver effective SEO services. SEO is a huge domain with a ton of services. To provide content, you need content writers. For link building, you need link builders. Therefore, you need to have a powerful team that consists of every individual having some skillset in SEO.

Hence, you require SEO specialists for every service that you provide. Also, make sure the team that you’re setting up is well aware of the latest SEO trends. This is a must-have skill you should look for in every individual. If you claim your company as SEO experts, then you require individuals who are indeed just that.

4. Use Professional SEO Tools To Optimize Campaigns

Alongside, knowing the trends and practices, you should have a team that knows how to use the latest SEO tools. SEO tools optimize work and even provide meaningful data through which you can set up meaningful campaigns.

From keyword research to maintenance of campaigns, SEO experts constantly rely on data. Even for optimization of their work, they need tools. Being an SEO Reseller, it’s essential you put your best game forward and use paid and unpaid tools that can allow you to set up the best of campaigns for the clients.

Using such tools also saves you hours of work and allows you to automate your process. Some SEO tools you can use are SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and many more.

5. Get Some SEO Projects Done Before Starting For Others

Certainly, be good to your clients first before you start offering these services. Gain some exposure on SEO and get some projects done. If you can’t serve your clients well, then it’s hard to manage SEO Reseller services on top of that. Establish a name for yourself in the SEO domain, and then expand on SEO Reseller services.

If you’ve established your market well, digital marketing agencies are sure to trust you with SEO Reseller Services. So, manage your clientele, build reputation, and then handle other digital marketing agencies clients. This way you’ll also have the confidence to serve their clients better.


So, with these points in mind, you sure can become a professional SEO Reseller. If you’re already providing these services, then these measures can help you become better at what you do. The more up-to-date, advanced, and informed you are about SEO, the better you will be at providing SEO Reseller services. Follow these measures, and you’ll be ready for your successful SEO Reseller journey in no time.