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How To Become A Professional SEO Reseller?

| October 12th, 2023 | 1280 Views

Become A Professional SEO Reseller


In this digital age, where internet presence can make or destroy a firm, the need for effective SEO services is increasing. If you want a fulfilling job in digital marketing without needing to be an SEO specialist, SEO Reselling might be the right option.

SEO reselling is a joint venture between you and an experienced SEO business. It enables you to provide top-tier SEO services to clients under your own brand. The best thing is that you don’t have to be a technical expert; you need to grasp the fundamentals of SEO.

At EZ Rankings, we provide a vital link between clients and experienced SEO specialists. We offer customized SEO solutions, cultivate client relationships, and assure the efficacy of SEO initiatives. Our responsibilities include clear communication, bespoke proposal building, and customer satisfaction, all while earning commissions for high-quality SEO services.

Businesses are becoming increasingly conscious of the critical role SEO plays in their success in today’s digital environment. Companies must rank well in search engines to remain competitive as more people rely on them to locate products and services. This increased awareness has increased demand for SEO services, allowing SEO Resellers to enter a vibrant sector and establish a successful company.

What is a White Label SEO Reseller?

With White Label SEO Reseller services, a digital marketing agency brings you, clients, while you do the work. With every work you do, the credit goes to the digital marketing agency that’s bringing you the SEO work for their clients. It’s understandable as that’s how the market works. Only then some digital marketing agency will be willing to work with you as an SEO Reseller. There’s no point when you reveal your identity to their clients openly. That’s of no use to the digital marketing agency bringing you the clients.

SEO Reseller programs are, therefore, never done for credit. They are done to better relationships with other digital marketing agencies, build market trust, and make more money. Building better relationships with other digital marketing agencies opens new ventures for businesses, and you can even ask them for any service, later on, if required. No one is an expert at everything and with trust and exchange of services with other businesses, a business gets built. That’s how it works and SEO Reselling services are no exception.

So, getting the work done and not revealing your identity to the clients of a digital marketing agency qualifies you as a White Label SEO Reseller.

Benefits of Becoming an SEO Reseller

Being an SEO reseller offers several compelling advantages, making it an appealing alternative for people or organizations wishing to enter the digital marketing field. Here are some of the key advantages of working as an SEO reseller:

  1. Working with Experts

 As an SEO reseller, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with search engine optimization specialists. This provides a significant advantage, especially if you are starting with no SEO specialists or at an intermediate level. Working with a professional team will allow you to give more efficient SEO services to your clients.

  1. Time-Saving

 Clients will look for professionals who can give them the answers they want. You can find yourself in a situation where you need to learn about SEO’s technical features and are concerned with selling services online.

Increasing one’s technical expertise takes time. This is when working as a white label SEO reseller comes in handy. Working with a provider means you have a team of SEO specialists performing such tasks, which saves you time. Consequently, you’ll be able to devote more time to other elements of your organization.

  1. Reliable Services

 Being an SEO reseller also gives you access to dependable services. Assume you intend to begin an SEO campaign for your clients. Usually, you’ll be beginning from scratch and relying heavily on yourself to provide outcomes. You can depend on the services of another team if you engage with a reputable SEO firm. As long as you work with a trustworthy agency, you can rely on them to give your clients the desired results. 

  1. You Can Offer More Options to Customers

Consider becoming an SEO reseller if you want to provide your consumers with more alternatives. Because of their specialized goods and programs, companies may readily expand through a low-cost SEO program.

Even with a small investment, a reseller may easily update their agency and give better services to their clients.

  1. Cost-Effective

You must collaborate with the correct people, resources, and tools as often as possible to get your firm off the ground. You will also be investing in operating costs. Consider the expenses of developing your own tools, working with an in-house SEO team, and assembling your own pool of resources. Try to balance it with the revenue you’re receiving from clients and your current job.

Being an SEO reseller is the easiest way to expand swiftly. This allows you to eliminate any concerns about designing your strategy and educating your in-house SEO team. This allows you to allocate your funds to your marketing activities as well as the other areas that want development.

EZ Ranking’s Client Success Stories and Case Studies

EZ Rankings, a market-leading provider of white label SEO resellers, has amassed an exceptional collection of customer success stories and case studies demonstrating its resellers’ outstanding results. These case studies demonstrate how resellers have produced excellent customer outcomes, from increasing organic website traffic and search engine ranks to increasing online exposure and income. Here are the client success stories and case studies:

In April 2018, a California-based firm joined our SEO Reseller program, first enrolling our services for one client. They’ve entrusted us with 75 of their clients since then. We’ve produced incredible results, producing $186,000 in income and increasing their client’s website traffic by an average of 1,700%. Today, an astonishing 90% of their client’s keywords rank on Google’s first page, illustrating the success of our collaboration in improving their online presence and revenue.

A Texan agency joined us as an SEO Reseller in June 2016. We started with one project and are now delighted to manage 112 of their projects. We generated outstanding results, assisting them in developing a considerable $775,000 income. Their clients have had exceptional results, with an incredible 95% of keywords now ranking on Google’s first page and an impressive 1200% increase in average traffic. Our partnership has tremendously influenced their web visibility and company performance.

EZ Ranking’s SEO Reseller Client Success Stories

Things To Consider To Become An SEO Reseller

Becoming an SEO Reseller can prove to be advantageous as you get to partner with other digital marketing agencies. Being a Reseller SEO, you get an opportunity to serve the clients of another digital marketing agency. It’s a profitable decision that benefits you as well as the digital marketing agency that’s bringing you the clients. However, you must provide quality to their clients, or else your SEO Reseller services can quickly experience a downward spiral.

Today, we will educate you on how to become an efficient white label SEO Reseller. Even if you’re just starting with SEO Reseller services, below are a few  things you have to keep in mind:

1. Be Transparent And Effective At Communication

First and foremost, have a quick TAT(Turnaround Time) on the projects. In case, you’re experiencing some difficulties, communicate with the digital marketing agency. It is with trust, that a digital marketing agency hands over their client’s work to you.

Being effective at communication allows the digital marketing agency to be answerable to its clients. Ineffective communication can decrease market trust in your SEO Reseller business.

Also, keep the digital marketing agency aware of the progress or the work you’re doing on their client’s SEO campaigns. Hence, building regular SEO campaign reports under their brand name is the key.

Even initially, being open and candid about your expertise is essential, so that later you don’t face any trouble. This is a soft yet essential skill and you should use professional project management tools to stay in touch with the digital marketing agencies bringing you clients.

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2. Offer Cutting-Edge SEO Services

In SEO, it’s crucial to remain updated with your skills. SEO is an evolving field and new changes are constantly being made. With those changes, businesses require new and advanced services to remain ahead of the competition.

Today, featured snippets, video marketing, and podcasts are all part of potent SEO services. You should offer these services alongside offering some basic ones such as link building, content creation, distribution, etc. With changing algorithms, effective SEO tactics change as well, and being a professional SEO Reseller, it’s your responsibility to offer these services.

Also, as a business scales their business requirement changes. It is also for this reason you require flexible SEO services so that for a client’s changing business, you have all the organic internet marketing solutions ready.

3. Build A Professional Team

Certainly, to provide advanced SEO services, you need to have a professional team. Being an SEO Reseller, you are like an in-house team for the digital marketing agencies getting you the clients.

To provide SEO services, you need to have professionals who can deliver effective SEO solutions. SEO is a huge domain with a ton of services. To provide content, you need content writers. For link building, you need link builders. Therefore, you need to have a powerful team that consists of every individual having some skillset in SEO.

Hence, you require SEO experts for every service that you provide. Also, make sure the team that you’re setting up is well aware of the latest SEO trends. This is a must-have skill you should look for in every individual. If you claim your company as SEO experts, then you require individuals who are indeed just that.

4. Use Professional SEO Tools To Optimize Campaigns

Alongside, knowing the trends and practices, you should have a team that knows how to use the latest SEO tools. SEO tools optimize work and even provide meaningful data through which you can set up meaningful campaigns.

From keyword research to maintenance of campaigns, SEO experts constantly rely on data. Even for optimization of their work, they need tools. Being an SEO Reseller, it’s essential you put your best game forward and use paid and unpaid tools that can allow you to set up the best of campaigns for the clients.

Using such tools also saves you hours of work and allows you to automate your process. Some SEO tools you can use are SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and many more.

5. Get Some SEO Projects Done Before Starting For Others

Certainly, be good to your clients first before you start offering these services. Gain some exposure to SEO and get some projects done. If you can’t serve your clients well, then it’s hard to manage Reseller services on top of that. Establish a name for yourself in the SEO domain, and then expand on SEO Reseller services.

If you’ve established your market well, digital marketing agencies are sure to trust you with SEO Reseller Services. So, manage your clientele, build a reputation, and then handle other digital marketing agencies’ clients. This way you’ll also have the confidence to serve your clients better.

So, with these points in mind, you sure can become a professional SEO Reseller. If you’re already providing these services, then these measures can help you become better at what you do. The more up-to-date, advanced, and informed you are about SEO, the better you will be at providing SEO service to Resellers. Follow these measures, and you’ll be ready for your successful SEO Reseller journey in no time.

Tools and Resources for SEO Resellers

There are SEO tools for every indicator that indicates how well your site is performing. These are the best 5 white label SEO Resellers tools for tracking on-page and off-page performance and improving website rankings.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a powerful, free tool for tracking website traffic, user activity, and more. It’s really useful for analysing website performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Google Search Console: 

Google Search Console is a free online service provided by Google that allows website owners to analyze and enhance their site’s performance in Google search results. It provides information on indexing, search queries, site health, and other important criteria for improving search engine exposure.


SEMrush is a digital marketing platform and SEO tool in one. It includes robust tools for keyword research, competitive analysis, site audits, and tracking search rankings. SEMrush assists organisations, and digital marketers optimise their online presence by delivering insightful data to improve their SEO and content marketing strategy.


Ahrefs is a robust SEO tool that assists website owners and marketers increase their internet presence. The services include backlink analysis, competition research, keyword tracking, and site auditing. Ahrefs provides vital data and insights to help you analyse and improve the performance of your website in search engines.


HubSpot is a marketing and sales software platform that helps organisations attract, engage, and delight their consumers. It provides email marketing, content production, customer relationship management, and analytics solutions. HubSpot assists businesses in more efficiently managing their inbound marketing tactics and growing their consumer base.


As an SEO specialist, you need access to current and trustworthy link data about your client and competition, which is why Majestic is your greatest friend. It has the world’s largest connection database, and its cutting-edge technologies will be useful.

In addition to these tools, resources such as SEO blogs, forums, and industry magazines may help you remain updated on the newest SEO trends, methods, and best practices. Reading about changes in search engine algorithms and industry advancements regularly is essential for providing efficient SEO services as a reseller.

These tools and resources enable SEO resellers to provide high-quality SEO services, manage projects smoothly, and keep their clients informed about the performance and upgrades of their websites.

FAQs –

Q1: What is SEO Reselling, and how does it work?

SEO reselling is a business arrangement in which individuals or organizations collaborate with existing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) businesses to provide white label SEO services to clients. Resellers serve as middlemen, managing client communication, sales, and project management, while the SEO business handles technical optimization. This collaborative concept enables resellers to broaden their service offerings and earn commissions without being SEO specialists.

Q2: How do SEO Resellers price their services? 

SEO resellers employ various price methods, such as set monthly costs, percentage-based payments, or unique pricing based on the customer’s demands. Pricing considerations often include:

  • The project’s complexity.
  • The extent to which SEO services are necessary.
  • The client’s industry’s competitiveness.

Q3: How do SEO Resellers acquire clients? 

SEO resellers get business by increasing their online presence with a good website, content marketing, case studies, and testimonials. Networking, referrals, social media marketing, and search engine optimization for their website are all important in attracting new customers.

Q4: What SEO techniques are commonly offered by SEO resellers? 

SEO resellers often offer the following techniques such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, content production, link building, website audits, and extensive reporting. These techniques improve the visibility of a client’s website in search engines and generate organic traffic.

Q5: Is SEO Reselling suitable for both individuals and agencies? 

SEO resale is appropriate for individuals as well as companies. Individuals without substantial experience might enter the digital marketing sector through SEO reselling. Agencies can increase their revenue by expanding their service offerings. Regardless of the reseller’s background or size, success in SEO, mainly reselling, depends on good sales and client management.