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What are White Hat SEO Services?

| June 29th, 2021 | 1461 Views

White hat SEO services refer to SEO services that you deliver to your clients from a professional SEO agency under your name. In these SEO services, all the work is done under your company banner and the identity of the SEO provider remains hidden. 

It works similar to the standard SEO practices that improve a website’s performance and help businesses gain more leads and traffic to their website. There are several benefits of opting for white hat SEO services including assurance of quality work, enhanced results, no in-house team expenses, quick and robust technical support, and many more. Offering white hat SEO services is a great way to grow your business by helping your clients. 

Tip To Rank on Top Without Violating Google Guidelines

Ranking on top is easy if you follow the search guidelines properly and don’t violate any rules defined by them. As there are several factors that influence the odds of ranking in top positions. However, to get the maximum out of your SEO efforts, here are some performance-driven tips that you can use and gain tip rankings without violating Google guidelines. 

Publish quality content

The best way to get top ranks organically, it’s important you offer quality content to your readers. With Google’s EAT update, it has become inevitable to maintain high quality in every content you publish. To boost your website’s performance, you can also update the existing content with updated information and also check for plagiarism. Ensure the content that you’re publishing is original and no plagiarism. 

Long-tail keywords

Along with focusing on short-tail high-competition keywords, you should also focus on targeting long-tail keywords as they will rank much faster. Search for long-tail keywords that are low on competition and have higher search volume. 

Get On-page SEO right

Make sure the on-page optimization has been done right on every page and blog post of your website. Be it a webpage, a blog post, or a newly created landing page; optimize every page. The on-page practices include title tags creation, meta tags creation, optimizing images, creating an XML sitemap, and optimizing the Robots file. 

Website’s loading speed

Speed has become a major ranking factor and you need to ensure that your website loads faster on both desktop and mobile versions. With mobile-first indexing getting more into popularity, your website should load and work seamlessly on all mobile devices. A good website loads within three seconds and if it’s taking more time, you need to optimize the loading speed. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check how fast your website loads and also work on the suggestions provided by this tool. 

Follow White Hat SEO Services Strategy For Better Results

For achieving higher rankings in organic search results, you have to follow white-hat SEO strategies that will give you long-term benefits. Below are some performance-driven white hat SEO strategies that you can follow to get better results:

Right keyword research

It’s important you pick the right keywords that will bring the targeted audience to your website. Along with targeting short-tail keywords, also optimize your content for LSIs and long-tail keywords that your audience is searching to find services or products. 

Content optimization

For boosting your website’s ranking, you need to update the existing content with the latest facts, stats, and information. With Google’s RankBrain and E-A-T updates, it’s become inevitable to aim for high-quality content and deliver the best value to your readers. 

Internal linking

Internal linking is among the most powerful ways to boost traffic and build domain authority. Update all your blog posts with relevant internal links and add more value to the overall browsing experience of users.              

Website speed

Speed being a major ranking factor in SEO, no business owner can overlook it. Ensure your website loads faster on both desktop and mobile versions. A standard website loads within three seconds and if your website is taking more time, then you need to optimize your website for faster loading time. 

These are the white hat SEO tips that you can follow to boost organic traffic on your website and rank higher on your desired keywords. Want to know more about white hat SEO services for your business? Contact EZ Rankings to explore more. 

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