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What is White Label SEO Programs & How It Work?

| June 29th, 2021 | 831 Views

White label SEO programs let you sell professional SEO services of another company under your brand name. Using white label programs, you can grow your business and revenue by offering SEO services, without investing any upfront amount. 

When you opt for EZ Rankings white label SEO programs, you get access to high-performance and result-driven SEO packages that you can pick for your clients and deliver successful results. There are several business benefits for all three parties involved. As you offer cutting-edge SEO services to your clients, you start getting more referrals from existing and new customers. It’s a win-win situation for you, your customers, and the SEO agency involved in delivering the services. 

How do White Label SEO Programs work?

The working of white label SEO programs is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. The white label SEO company will offer you robust services that you can sell under your brand name. As many companies don’t have the bandwidth or the in-house resources to manage SEO projects and it’s where the white label SEO programs come in handy. 

A white label SEO company eliminates this scenario by handling all the bulk work on their behalf. The white label SEO company will take all the requirements, strategize the SEO plan based on the client’s business goals and start working on different projects. In this complete cycle, you don’t need to make any heavy investment or need to set up your in-house team to manage the communications. 

As a white label provider, you get the opportunity to grow your and your clients’ businesses seamlessly. Whether your clients have got a small SEO project or need you to work on a big project, EZ Rankings can handle all the search optimization requirements on your behalf. The best part about using white label SEO services is that you don’t need to hire any team or make the upfront investment to take more business from your clients. 

In the complete process, the identity of the SEO service provider remains hidden in all conditions which maintain complete privacy. The work progress reports are also shared under your brand name, so you don’t need to worry about that as well. White label SEO service is a perfect way to grow your business and offer more quality services. 

How Much White Label SEO Program Cost for Your Business

White label SEO services are quite affordable and the price can vary based on how many clients you manage with the white label SEO provider. Compared to hiring an in-house team, the cost of offering SEO services through an agency is very affordable and can help you scale your business faster. 

You would be paying anywhere around $250 to $1300 per month based on clients’ requirements. In this pricing, the white label SEO provider will cover every expense and don’t need to pay anything additional. It’s a convenient way to offer SEO services to your customers as they also don’t need to pay a substantial upfront amount. 

At EZ Rankings, you can also take advantage of wholesale pricing if you have bulk projects to handle. If you are just starting out with a white label SEO programs, you need to pay from as little as $250 per website of your client. Contact the EZ Rankings team to know more about white label SEO prices.