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How to Increase Your Podcast Empire

| October 7th, 2021 | 1905 Views

With the emergence of latest innovations, there have been substantial changes in the tech arena. Other than transforming processes and operations, technology has completely revolutionized the way users experience certain things. Podcasts happen to be the latest inclusion of this list.

With iTunes qualifying as the largest depository of podcasts on the virtual platform, podcast listeners are finding it easier than ever to gain access to their favorite podcasts. Therefore, if you wish to increase the audience base for your podcasts, you will need to develop a robust presence on iTunes.

Let’s get down to serious business and find out the most effective ways of increasing iTunes reviews and strengthening your podcast empire.

1. Create Vanity URLs

Getting your targeted listeners to iTunes will be the key to improving reviews on the platform. Your listings must get noticed, even when your listeners are away from their mobile devices or desktops. Creating a vanity URL increases your chance of getting a review.

2. Approach Loyal Listeners

Every listener will shy away from being the first reviewer. However, you can directly approach your podcast loyalists. Send them personal emails and ask them to post reviews. Your iTunes account will get filled with reviews in no time.

3. Aim for Subscribers and not just Listeners

For turning audiences into subscribers, you will require understanding the subtle difference between the two. Listeners share no commitments with your podcasts. They listen to it once, and might not return again.

Subscribers on the other end are committed to listening to new episodes of your podcasts. Quite inevitably, subscribers will prove to be regular listeners, thus increasing revenues.

4. Utilize Social Media

Developing or creating an entire group of listeners around podcasts will be a great thing to do. You can ask your Google Plus, Facebook or LinkedIn followers to be your Podcast reviewers. By boosting your Podcast reviews, you will automatically grow and develop your podcast empire. In case, you still wish to get noticed, here are some more tips.

  • Podcast Directories: Submitting podcasts to their respective directories will prove to be a smart move. You have iTunes and Stitcher to do that.
  • Email Marketing: Create business-oriented podcasts and popularize them with email marketing. You can also send messages or emails to friends and colleagues.
  • YouTube: With nearly 1-billion visitors each day, YouTube ranks second in the run for highly popular search engines. Quite naturally, it will help you upload full episodes with images or create teasers for your podcasts.

If you are sincerity in following these tips, inevitably this will help you increase your iTunes reviews along with strengthening your podcast empire.

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