facebook Best Way to Increase iTune Reviews for Your Podcasting
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Best Way to Increase iTune Reviews for Your Podcasting

| September 7th, 2021 | 1847 Views

iTunes happens to be the largest podcast depository on the web. Quite inevitably, a strong and recognizable presence on iTunes will be your key to increasing your podcast audience pool. If you wish to build a notable presence on iTunes, you can do so by getting listed on the noteworthy or new sections. Other than that, you will also have the option of featuring in the several iTunes categories present within the podcasts.

Boosting your iTunes reviews for podcasts is not an easy affair. The prime issue in this regard is the absence of a definitive strategy or theory. However, keeping track of the listener subscriptions will prove to be an effective way of increasing your podcast reviews

Take a look at the article, as it discusses some of the highly effective ways of enhancing podcast reviews.

1. Create a Short Link

Getting iTunes reviews will entirely depend on your listeners. Therefore, you will have to get your listeners first. Your target audience must be successful in finding your iTunes listings as well as know the ways of reaching there.

Creating a vanity URL or short link will prove to be the correct strategy in this context. With the help of these links, listeners will easily identify your iTunes listings and might even offer reviews whenever they are online.

2. Run Contests in Small Groups

Running a contest on review postings will increase the competitiveness of your iTunes site. You can hold contests between your listeners in small batches and offer attractive prizes and gifts to the first few reviewers.

With this particular strategy, you are gaining the opportunity of achieving new podcasts, without getting trapped in the filter.

3. Send Personal Requests To Loyal Users

Acquiring the initial iTunes reviews happens to be a highly daunting task. In most of the cases, listeners shy away from becoming the first reviewer. During such crucial occasions, it will be wise to approach your group of loyal listeners directly. Send them email requests for doing so and they will make it happen for you. Perhaps, this is another great way of enhancing your iTunes for podcasts.

4. Utilize the Power of Social Media

When it boils down to increasing reviews, there is nothing better than social media. Use your Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn accounts and develop an entire community around your podcasts.

Leveraging your social media accounts will prove to be one of the most effective ways of increasing your podcast reviews.

With these tips, increasing your iTunes podcast reviews will be easier than ever.

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