facebook Google to Strengthen its Mobile Friendly Ranking Signal
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Google to Strengthen its Mobile Friendly Ranking Signal

| October 30th, 2020 | 1823 Views

As the largest search engine network and global platform, Google continually strives hard towards strengthening its features, thus ensuring unsurpassed experiences for web browsers. With the rapid evolution of fast-paced mobile innovations, Google is all set to include mobile-friendliness in its ranking signals.

The year 2015 was undoubtedly a great year for Google loyalists. It was on 21st April that the company announced the official integration of mobile-friendliness into Google’s existing ranking signal. The company further moves forward with its announcement of strengthening this signal.

The Big Announcement

Mobile innovations have considerably changed mobile usage trends. From booking cab rides to booking theater tickets, all you need is just a tap on your Smartphone. Taking the cue from this trend of performing everything on the go, Google is all set to help users find the most appropriate pages even when they are not close to their desktops.

With its announcement of strengthening mobile-friendly ranking signals even further, Google has a pristine clear objective of extending assistance to users.

The announcement was surely not something out of the blue. Certain factors and incidents pushed this global network to arrive at such a decision. Earlier, while performing mobile searches, users often had to bear the brunt of viewing mobile-unfriendly sites. Such incidents undoubtedly inflicted fatal blows on user experiences, also irritating them on some occasions.

Google decided to take note of the matter and develop an update for mitigating such issues. Hopefully, after this particular announcement, users will no longer have to face such undesired issues.

Mobile-unfriendly web pages will not show up, and mobile users will have greater convenience than they experienced before.

Sites with mobile-friendly contents will have little to think or worry about this matter. Those having apprehensions about their sites’ mobile-friendliness can carry out tests, or check out Google’s mobile guidelines.

However, the largest social media network has also made a crucial announcement about mobile-unfriendly websites. According to Google’s engineer Klemen Kloboves, high-quality, appealing, and engaging contents will continue getting walkovers.

Google will relax its policies for such contents, and they will continue to show up even if they are not mobile-friendly.

What’s on Cards For Users?

With this significant announcement, Google will ensure ultimate satisfaction for both customers and mobile-friendly websites. The global platform will get the ball rolling early in May, and popularize it with time. Let’s hope for the best and wait for yet another great experience.

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