facebook Pinterest Launches New Rich Pin Type 'How-To Pins'
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Pinterest Launches New Rich Pin Type ‘How-To Pins’

| September 7th, 2021 | 1738 Views

The world of social media is a highly interesting one. Other than revolutionizing communication, social media platforms impart an entirely new connotation to human interactions. One of the most prominent and popular members of this league is Pinterest. By offering an interactive platform for sharing common interests, Pinterest helps you create an entire community of like-minded individuals.

From interesting posts to exciting images and videos, Pinterest grants you the opportunity of sharing information by pinning it on other’s or your own board. The network borrows its name from the word ‘pin’, which stands for sharing as well as a collection of images or posts to be shared.

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With the rapid transformations in almost every social platform, Pinterest also thought of doing its bit towards ensuring unsurpassed user experiences. The platform launches it’s a brand new ‘rich pin’ termed as ‘How-to-pins’ for helping users.

Although almost every Pinterest user will possess a crystal clear idea of ‘rich-pins’, let us have a look at it all over again. Rich pins prove to be highly essential tools for businesses on Pinterest. By helping you add crucial business information, rich pins make a notable value addition to potential businesses. The tool emerges as one of the highly useful resources for driving more sales and traffic to your website.

Prior to this launch, ‘Rich Pins’ were of five main types. They are:

  • Product Rich Pins: Offering real-time access to product information and prices.
  • Recipe Rich Pins: Bringing cookies ideas to life.
  • Article Rich-Pins: Additional information about articles for future references.
  • Movie Rich-Pins: Detailed information on every little aspect of the latest rom-com or action flick.
  • Rich Pins for Location Information about places, destinations, and maps.

The newly launched ‘How-to-pins’ will help users know about the details of the pins they tap on. According to Pinterest sources, users might choose to tap pins for gaining more information pertaining to them. ‘How-to-pins’ will help these users gain complete information on the pins tapped by them.

As the result, users will have the liberty to try out new concepts and ideas on hair, beauty, wellness, fitness, food, and drink pins.

Where to view How-to-Pins?

Users wishing to view these How-to-pins can enjoy viewing by visiting their chosen brand’s profile. After the launch, these pins will be available for viewing in the following places. Food.com, Home Depot, Style Me Pretty, Brit & Co, Marie Claire, Greatist, Delish and ELLE. Users can also place searches for viewing how-to-pins.

Inspiring Users

With this brief note on the why’s and how’s of How-to-pins, it is high time to gauge Pinterest’s contribution to popularizing the concept. The platform is currently developing an entire inventory of over 50-billion ideas along with making them actionable for users. Pinterest aims at offering a unique experience, thus inspiring users to innovate and create.

Compared to its other counterparts, Pinterest enjoys unmatched popularity for an entirely different reason altogether. The platform is known for its inspirational and motivational approaches. With the brand new ‘How-to-pins’, the platform will surely translate innovative ideas into reality!

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