facebook Snapchat Update Chat to add Stickers Audio and Video Notes
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Snapchat Update Chat to add Stickers Audio and Video Notes

| April 4th, 2016 | 1578 Views

Snapchat seems to be the unprecedented ruler of face swaps but fails to impress users with its chat functions. Until now, this social sharing platform offered limited scopes of quality chatting to users. However, the platform took note of this aspect and thought of bolstering its chat functions for worldwide users.

With this update, Snapchat adds over 200 stickers to its existing list. The current list features highly interesting and uber cool options such as walruses, aliens, sloths, as well as Snapchat’s exclusive ghost sticker. What more, users can gain access to these quirky stickers by searching them by keywords. Quite inevitably, it reminds us of Facebook Messenger yet again.

With an objective to offer exclusive chat experiences, Snapchat launches Chat 2.0 with brand new chat features. The redesigned version includes three most significant features like video and audio notes, calls and stickers. Let us develop an idea on all three stunning SnapChat features.

Audio-Video Calling

Perhaps, this is the easiest of them all. As the name suggests, this particular option will let you tap on the ‘Call’ button, thus making voice or video calls to your friends. Although it is nothing about an ‘out-of-the-world’ experience, this particular feature helps you in striking great conversations.

You take a look at your friends’ snaps and simply place a call. The best part of the entire experience is that you will not have to leave the app while calling.

Audio-Video Notes

Snapchat comes with a call or video button. You can hold down any of these buttons to send short audio recordings or video clippings. Quite naturally, this particular feature lets you share quite a few special moments with your friends and love ones.

Whether it is a celebration or just the warmth of your voice, your near ones will hardly miss any action you wish them to experience.

However, the major attraction happens to be the Snapchat stickers. From a gamut of image options to keyword-based searches, Snapchat stickers offer everything required to make your conversations interactive and special. Say, for instance, you wish to get an appropriate sticker for the expression ‘happy’ or ‘love’. All you will need to do is enter the respective term and start searching for it on the sticker list.

From Snapchat

According to Snapchat’s views on this entire update, the platform is increasingly happy to launch this new update. Users will acquire a completely different experience while using these features. Quite intriguingly, these features will make sure you have seamless communications, and not just video chatting or texting. The entire experience is somewhat similar to speaking in person, and not through any device.

With such a unique update, there is a lot more in store for users. A platform which was highly famous for sharing images and photos has entered into a completely new domain. Now it is for the entire world to see what it does to take messaging to an entirely new height. As of now, let’s wish Snapchat all the luck!

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