facebook Bing Ads has Introduced a Test of Social Extensions
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Bing Ads has Introduced a Test of Social Extensions

| October 30th, 2020 | 1583 Views

The concept of business has changed completely and enterprises and business owners are setting their goals on new ideas and facts. As all of you already know the fact that it is the age of digital marketing, and business is trying to engage their targeted customers through social media platforms by using paid search and PPC to drive the traffic.

Do you want to uphold your social platforms through your search ads? Bing Ads team is building a bridge between the two. This is how you will be able to improve Conversions base on your stride on social networks. Conversations will be more direct with the customers, and the owner can engage with it and build the goodwill of the company.

The brand marketers can push the level of engagement by redirecting the traffic from search to social. This has also made things easy for Customer Relations Managers that want to drive the customers to the social networking sites for help or giving information on a real-time basis can do it easily.

There are also other means by which you can combine the Bing Ad extensions to bring out more relevance to your ads. This can be done by means of combining the social extensions with other ad extensions that will consequently increase the CTR of your advertisements and also the engagement of your customer.

Benefits of This Technique

The social extensions that will appear in the ad copy of the text advertisements are used to link directly to the advertisers account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Network icons will display next to each of the link and might also contain a hashtag. Here the users will just have to click on any of the links that are given and a land of the profile of the advertisers on any of the given network.

As it is an interesting and new way of directing the customers so the advertisers sometimes can also use site links for this particular purpose. Though question might arise that what if those displays are not as steady as Social Extension will seem to be but, it is something that the advertiser will have to think through.

However, owing to the fact that social media platform is growing rapidly as a platform for customer service, it is easy to see situations where the businesses will like to highlight the social media channels and this way will directly connect to the network that is based on the choice of the customers and their search.

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