facebook Twitter's New Algorithmic Timeline is Here - What You Need to Know
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Twitter’s New Algorithmic Timeline is Here – What You Need to Know

| October 30th, 2020 | 1582 Views

Twitter is in the news for quite some time now after it had launched its new timeline that is creating much buzz in the world of its followers. The latest reorganization in the timeline is setting and sorting the tweets as per relevancy that used to be based on chronology. The humdrum is much more exaggerated when the company quietly turned in on by default and seems like that the users cannot turn it off at will.

The latest timeline that was launched a month ago was optional. However, this option was only available to some users. But things have changed yet again. Now, the users are reporting that they are getting a notification that you can opt out of this algorithmic timeline as well that was earlier was set by the company as default.

When the latest timeline was launched by Twitter it was set there by default and the company, though, have announced that they are bringing some changes on that default timeline and that users will have the option of opting out of the algorithmic timeline if they want to.

Many want to know that what this algorithmic timeline is all about. In simple words, it is just the adjusted timeline where specific tweets will be displayed based on what the system thinks that the user wants to see.

Things on Home Timeline

The changes will happen on your twitter account when you are not using this app. and when you open this once again, the app will show you the tweets that you would like to see when you were away.

  • Once you land on your home timeline, you will see a series of tweets that are from the account that you have chosen to follow. You will have the option to Retweet, reply or even to like the tweet from the account that you have chosen.
  • Tweets that you care about most will show up first once you will open the app and log in to your account. It is determined on the basis of the account with which you interact with the most.

This also means that you are likely to see tweets that were posted nine hours ago instead of the ones that are posted two hours ago. This system is like a chronological order that it used to be. However, this can be changed as whenever, you will pull down for refreshing your stream, it will be back to the old form, breaking the algorithmic timeline.

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