facebook How To Recover SEO Rankings And Traffics After A Website Redesigning?
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How To Recover SEO Rankings And Traffics After A Website Redesigning?

| July 24th, 2023 | 1978 Views

SEO Ranking RecoverIn the rapid internet world, you need to be updated with everything to be the market leader. Similarly, your website should also be up to date and look modern with the time. So it calls for a redesigning of your website or sometimes also relocating your website.

However, in the process of redesigning your old website to the new, you might lose loads of organic traffic and which is followed by, a huge drop in sales. You will definitely not want that. So here it is explained how to remain the same ranking in SEO, or maybe even better with your revamped website, fetching organic traffics.

Error 404, resolve with 301

It may happen while revamping your website, some URL’s gets changed or even deleted. Even if you are not moving to a new domain. Which creates a huge fuss later on. Because the deleted and obsolete pages are still available in Search Engine Results, and as a result users who hops on gets a 404 error. Which is not only irritable but make you lose your patrons really quick. This adversely affects the page ranking in SEO services. To recover this issue, map all the old pages to their respective new pages. With a permanent 301 redirect. Create an XML sitemap of your website and link with Google console. 301 permanent redirect will help you to pass the old page’s authority to new pages, and you will be sorted with this issue.


Don’t forget to unblock Google

While revamping it is extremely needed to block Google from your website, as you don’t want your user to experience a mess. However, the web designers sometimes forget to unblock Google after they are done redesigning and publish the website with Google being blocked. This leads to a big mess as all the work goes into the trash, as Google itself can’t redirect traffic to your website while being blocked. And the users think your website does not exist. Automatically all your hard work of redesigning it is worthless, you SEO ranking falls, and so does your sales. To avoid this problem always make sure that Google is unlocked from your website before publishing it online.

Work on the backlinks

While you are going for web designing services and revamping your website, and changing the site URL too, you need to note a couple of things.

Inbound links or also known as backlinks in SEO services are to be considered as the most potential links to fetch organic traffics. Backlinks help developing authority for your webpage. When a website is refreshed and redesigned, with URL change included, Backlinks points to your old pages which need to be updated. As it is proven, direct links are always preferred more than redirect links, one should always work on the backlinks of a website to make the most out of its content.


Retain your old content

You should keep in mind that you are not revamping your contents but the website. There are many users who come to your website in search of an old content, and many users also bookmark them for their own need. Now while redesigning your website, the owner sometimes forgets to re-add the old contents and as a result, he loses a huge number of regular traffic. The users visit your website for content, and if the content itself is unavailable be it how well the website looks, they will not be your users anymore. So always add your old contents back after redesigning your website.

Perform an SEO audit prior to launch

Perform SEO Audit

An SEO Audit will get you loads of opportunities to improve the visibility of your website also enhance the organic Google search results. Issues like Missing tags and description, duplicate titles and description tags, internal broken links, Missing contents, pages indexed in search engines, mobile and website speed, Missing H1/H2 tags, canonical tags, XML and simple sitemap of the current website. In an audit, you can identify all the errors and fix them, and provide a brilliant experience to your users with the revamped page. Also, retain the dame traffic in this way scoring even more in The SEO results in rankings.

After your successful redesign of the website, you should always run an SEO services audit to make sure of loads of things. If your website contains loads of dynamic contents then you must be having loads of database and tables too, to maintain them. However, Web designing services providers often miss out the old database. As a result, your website loses its integrity and also the organic traffics. An audit prior to launch can help to figure this out and also rectifying it.

If you are going for redesigning your website, you should consider all the above-mentioned things to regain the organic traffics and also keeping a good ranking in the search engine.

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