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How to Recover Website from Google Penguin Penalty

| July 24th, 2020 | 1814 Views

If the website has been penalized by the search engine it is crucial that the issue is corrected as soon as possible. Once the penalty hits a website the visibility is immediately lost after that the conversions and the traffic both are lost. This can really bad for your business because it is no good if a website cannot be found or seen. Fortunately, there are many steps that can help recover from the penalties. It may take a few months time or sometimes as less as weeks. This shall help to find out if there is any kind of improvement. The faster one starts the sooner can they bounce back in the good graces of the search engines. Steps are mentioned below.

Creating a List of Backlinks

The Google penguin recovery services offer many tools which help in building the list. There are Open Explorer of sites, Webmaster tools, Majestic SEO and all the like. As per some of the SEO companies, it is a great idea for drawing reports from more than two tools so that data can be cross-referenced. When there is more collection of data it becomes easier for not missing out many links. Thus, it is advisable to take the list and form a spreadsheet so that there is proper organization. It provides help for posterity too if one looks forward to monitoring backlinks so that there is no penalization. The tools have inbuilt features for export hence making it easier for an excel sheet to be started.

Analyzing Quality links

One of the main reasons as to why one is penalized is because there is the dominance of unnatural links pointing at the site. However, this never means that all links are not good. You should make the most of Google penguin recovery services for figuring out links that come up from spammy sites.  Links that search engines scrutinize the most are the disproportionate use of anchor text, links that are site-wide, blog network links, links from untrustworthy or irrelevant sites, links from pages with low rank, links from sites that are non-indexed, forums and article directories.

Keeping Track of Links to be Removed

A master spreadsheet must be created for the links that have to be removed and the ones to be kept. Quality of all links change with time and thus going back and performing a link audit sounds to be one of the perfect ideas. This process makes it certain that a clean profile is maintained and you must keep all the updated information of the changes made like Webmaster’s contact information, changes made to the link and the URL.

A Talk with Links Disavowed and Webmasters

Once one knows which links to be removed you must remove them actually and the best way to achieve that is by reaching out to Webmasters. Once you have reached up to them the next step calls for asking them for removing the links. If by any means you get an idea that there shall be no additional responses from the Webmaster one can move it using the Disavow tool from the search engines. Once everything has been removed the most important thing to keep on mind is not get hat again. Thus, you must always adhere to White hat SEO practices to avert situations like this.

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