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How to Setup Free SSL for Your WordPress Website

| November 21st, 2022 | 1464 Views

There is a lot of information exchanged over the worldwide web with the help of the hyperlink transfer protocol. When that happens the by default, the protocol of HTTP is unencrypted. This means the data being transferred can be easily tampered and intercepted and is one of the prime reasons for the need of SSL (Secure layer of sockets). It goes without saying that there is the inevitable need for SSL to provide security to web forms to prevent leakage of information to hackers. You need not endanger the sensitive database of your customer’s bank details and for protecting information regarding user login. The various ways to set-up SSL are as follows.

A brief idea regarding set up

There are mainly two ways you can run you SSL and get it working from an option called “Let’s Encrypt”. The first path involves doing it manually by following the documentation of “Let’s encrypt” which is official. There is an easier alternative to it that includes solutions specific to WordPress which requires explicit support to “Let’s encrypt” by finding a host. An approach specific to WordPress is more relevant in adding certificates of SSL to your sites. Therefore, you must be certain in creating a complete backup of your site before you start the process.

The first step

While the SSL certificate can be installed manually at any point in time but many hosts are popular regarding options for connecting. These are the installation options included by the panels of administration. Every company that hosts has different processes, but the steps remain similar for most of the parts. You have to log in to your portal as a user. Then, heading over to your website you click on the option of SSL and later click on the option of Add Certificates. Finally, you press the option of “Get Let’s Encrypt” and choose domains where you would want the protocols.

The second step

After having installed the free certificate of SSL using the current host you have to update the URLs of WordPress. Configure your certificate for SSL on a new installation of WordPress and after this relatively update your URL”s. You start by navigating to the options of Settings where you select the option General from the admin panel of the WordPress. After this, you scroll down to the URL sections of Site and WordPress address. In this step, you swap HTTP with HTTPS and further use HTTPS and fill in the field of the parts. Lastly, you click on the option of “Save changes” for all the URL’s to be updated as HTTPS.

The third step

In this step, you have to update the settings of your Google Analytics. You get started by adding the new URL of HTTPS and login to the account of Google Analytics. Then, navigating to the option of Admin you select “Property Settings” from there. After having done that you update it to https:// from http:// by selecting the options from the menu that drops down. Finally, you add the secure option to your URLs. You can also update URL’s for your existing sites by navigating to the option of Plugins and selecting the option of “Add”. Later configure websites by running codes of JavaScript.

Process completion

Once you have encrypted all the connections between browsers of your site and the visitors you may now securely transfer information that is personal. You can protect the information regarding the login of users and accept payments. This process of encryption makes it incredibly convenient and easy for WordPress developers as well as owners of the site to security protocols. You know you can do this with the installation of a free SSL certificate that is automated. All you have to do is follow the simple steps of installing and updating.