facebook A Detailed Summary on Spammy Structured Markup Penalty
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A Detailed Summary on Spammy Structured Markup Penalty

| October 30th, 2020 | 1808 Views

Structured data markup is also called the schema markup. It can be devised as one of the greatest ways to go ahead with improvisation on the discovery of a search engine’s development of contents. These structured markups of data feed into the graph of Google’s knowledge and make appearances in results while generating Rich Snippets. They are very beneficial for enhancing search visibility organically along with increasing the rates of click through. However, there is also a disclaimer that comes with this, and that is it can potentially hurt your websites if manhandled. The reason behind this is the penalties launched by Google called “spammy structured markup.” Below are the various points that will help you understand the whole concept better. Read on to find out.

Spammy Structured Markup Penalty

The Impact

With the new recent update on quality by Google, it was concluded that there were many of the sites that were affected by the data penalties. The penalties are stated below.

  • The message for penalty

The webmaster tools as formerly for the search console issue a standard message that is put forward by Google. The message states that Markup on some of the pages is found to be using techniques that cannot be viewed by the users. These are usually methods where the content is marketed.

  • Manual and algorithmic penalty

Misleading or irrelevant content are also marked up. These behaviors are big violations of the quality guidelines of the rich snippet. This Google penalty can be both manual and algorithmic. Manual penalties can be site wide and partial.

  • Subsequent actions

When there are cases of structured data not complying with specified standards, then they are liable to take manual actions. This is given maintaining an experience that is of high quality for the users.

The recommended action in return

  • Meeting Guidelines

The most significant action that must be taken in this regard is making certain that the websites must meet the guidelines of structured data. Meeting the guidelines will make it get featured on the search results of Google. The action involves removing markup that is violating the guidelines and also updating the markup that exists.

  • Check and changes

You must always check for mistakes that are being reported by looking into specific pages that are responsible for error generation. These errors and schema markup respective to it must be cross referenced before implementation. Once the recommended changes are finally made all you have to do is submit a request for reconsideration.

Methods to avoid them

There are certain ways you can also prevent such penalties which involve you to adhere to a few rules strictly.

  • Markup testing

The primary one involves testing the markup with the testing tool of the structured and scrutinizing it well for errors. These mistakes must be addressed accordingly later.

  • Monitor well

Keep monitoring the report of your structured data in the account of the search console. This report displays the website’s errors and indexation of the structured data.

  • Keeping track

You must keep a track on the webmaster blog of the search engines to keep upbeat and updated with news and updates.

Spammy Structured Markup Console
You must have accumulated a brief idea about what Spammy structured markup penalty. Hence, follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts to refrain yourself from falling under such penalty actions.

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