facebook Instagram Now Lets You Search by Location, Explore Real-Time, Trends & More
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Instagram Now Lets You Search by Location, Explore Real-Time, Trends & More

| August 22nd, 2018 | 1764 Views

Recently, Instagram announced the addition of new search functionality to its iOS and Android apps that will allow users to find photos by location discover real-time searches, and much more. Known as the Explore page, it will search through the 70 million photos and videos published on this popular social networking site each day to discover the most trending tags, places, and people.

Explore page also comes with another new feature – curated collections. You will get to see these collections right at the top of the Explore page. What’s more! It will be updated regularly. Some of the collections include interesting accounts, extreme athletes, architecture, ancient ruins, etc.

For the time being, only people of USA will have access to this new functionality; however, Instagram has plans to make this features accessible to global users very soon after fine-tuning the same.

After tapping on the search bar, a user will now be presented with four tabs: Top, People, Tags, and Places. The ‘Top’ tab is a powerful new way to search for people, places, and hashtags all simultaneously. Using the Places tab, you can search for pictures and videos taken at a precise location. It is now easier to search for the location just as you would search for anything else on Instagram starting from shops, restaurants to movie theaters, parks and vacation spots.

The all-new Search and Explore features are available on the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store for easy and quick download as per your convenience.

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