facebook Google Releases Search Analytics Report to Get More Refined Data
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Google Releases Search Analytics Report to Get More Refined Data

| October 30th, 2020 | 1697 Views

After months of testing, Google has finally released the new Search Analytics report. This report will help webmasters better examine their website traffic. As Google has said, the Search Analytics report will replace the Search Queries report in about three months when Google removes the Search Queries report from the Google webmaster tool. Why the decision to remove the Search Queries report? It is because Google says Search Analytics does all things similar to the Search Queries. In addition, it will give you a lot more data and filtering options.

The new Search Analytics report enables users to break down their website’s search data and filter it in many different possible ways. For example, webmasters can now easily compare mobile traffic volume before and after the “Mobilegeddon” algorithmic update that was released on April 21, 2015.

Many companies have an international website. Search Analytics will help them find the countries where people search most for their brand or products by choosing “impressions” as the metric. It would allow you filtering by brand name and categorizing results country-wise. No longer will websites stay under-performed, as the new Search Analytics report assures helping webmasters enhance the performance of their sites by giving them power features in hand.

Google points out that compared to the current Search Queries report, Search Analytics report will offer more precise data. For example, the new tool counts only click on an expanded image, while the old Search Queries report counts any click on an image. So although click count may be lower in this new report, it is far more meaningful than before.

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