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7 Tips to Boost Your PPC Campaigns Using Onsite Retargeting

| October 30th, 2020 | 1365 Views

Search Campaign or Display Campaign

Spending millions of dollars on pay per click campaigns won’t pay off unless you get maximum traffic to your website. Unless you are a big brand, retargeting your abandoning visitors won’t pay off either. Onsite retargeting differs from traditional PPC based “offsite” retargeting in the sense you get a second chance with your visitors before they leave your site. Onsite retargeting involves monitoring the behavior of your visitors, and if their behavior indicates they are about to leave your site, you can retarget them with a secondary message right on time!

Ways to Boost Your PPC Outcomes Using Onsite Retargeting

  • Improve your user experience by showing a message at just the right moment. It will be shown when the visitor has just finished reading and is about to leave your site. You can also show them relevant messages.
  • Increase PPC quality score by improving metrics such as time spent on site, bounce rate, and a number of pages visited.
  • Target multiple customer sections through onsite retargeting. You can push your sales messages to visitors at more advanced stages where they are considering buying your products. You can back a primary message up with your onsite retargeting campaigns targeting your early-stage visitors.
  • Build your email list since it still remains one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Using onsite retargeting asking people for their email address and later retargeting these visitors through email marketing.
  • Recover abandoning carts to recapture more sales by offering an incentive to finishing the checkout process.
  • Promote your best offers for direct conversion
  • Personalize your messages to make them as relevant as possible to each visitor.